Face of the Day (April 18, 2011)

This is the "finished product" of my recent reviews. I've been meaning to upload this but I was a bit busy this past few days.

Products used:



  1. ang dami mo ginamit miss para ka lang nagpowder and definitely ganyan na tlg mukha mo add some colors :P ganyan na nga yang mukha mo at tutal naglagay ka na ng puro bases/foundations d mo pa lalagyan dba. just a review though. magaral ka pa gumamit para mapahusay mo pa yung pagmamake up mo. kaya mo yan.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the constructive comment. In this post, I was trying to achieve a neat natural look. That's why no other colors were added. I will try to apply your comment on my upcoming posts. ^_^

  3. Maybe you should have posted a before picture here :)


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