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 My family went to Eastwood Mall Last weekend to go to church and have dinner afterwards. We passed by this store called beabi and I bought some stuff.

1. Clear Jar 150 ml (Php 50.00)
I want to start being organized with my makeup stuff so I decided to get this. I am going to store my square pads in this jar.

2. Pill Case (Php 40.00)

This is perfect for my supplements so that I can always bring them anywhere with me.

3 . Press D Bottle 225 ml (Php 495.00)

This can be used for anything liquid that needs a cotton or square pads before applying (like acetone).

4. Foam Bottle 50 ml (Php 175.00)

I bought this for my organic feminine wash.

I love how the items in beabi look simple yet useful. You can also find bag organizers there and some other storage supplies. Indeed, a nice shop to buy my stuff. :)



  1. I went in this shop and got intimidated...heheh I was like..."whoah! 500php for an empty bottle?"...I sprinted out hahaha

    but I do agree that most are useful! I think now I can get the pill case hehehe

  2. Yeah. But I think the bottles are sturdy. The pill case is actually my favorite. Super useful. :)

  3. agree. so expensive. to help lessen plastic consumption, i reuse old bottles. it's free and i am able to help save the environment. hihi. ;)


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