Prizes from SOchiq Closet

Last May 24, I got a package from JRS express. This was sent by SOchiq Closet.

Games are usually conducted in Auction for Legit Sellers' Page in Facebook. SOchiq Closet held a game, and luckily, I won. She asked a question and I gave the correct answer (Lengua de Gato). The prize was an eyeshadow palette from Kiss Beauty Paris. The eyeshadows are shimmery. She also included a Kiss Beauty lip gloss. I only paid for the shipping fee.

Since it was written that it contains cosmetics, the JRS team took good care of it. But when I got it, I was so excited to see the items. I accidentally dropped the palette and ruined 2 shades. SO CLUMSY!

Thank you Ms. Myra Tamayo of SOchiq Closet. I really appreciate your generosity. ^_^




  1. awesome prizes you got there! congrats! :)

    hope you'll join my contest! :)

    followed you too! :)

  2. Thanks Ms. Iya. I will surely join your contest soon. ^_^

  3. Palette looks nice! Followed back :D

  4. It is really nice. Thanks Ms. Aya for following back. ^_^


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