REVIEW | Bubble Hair Coloring by Etude House

When I saw this blog entry from Ms. Say Artillero, I promised myself that I will try this. Last May 20, my boyfriend and I went to SM Megamall just to visit Etude House. I was surprised to see that only on shade of the bubble hair color is left and that is Deep Black. I don't want to dye my hair black again but still, I bought one box just for that sake of trying it.

Here's a photo of my hair before applying the hair color; I have a reddish brown hair.

Let's get it on!

My boyfriend is so kind and helped me with the application.

After applying the bubbles, we waited for 30 minutes then I rinsed it.

Here's a photo of my hair after the hair coloring. Super black!


- Affordable (Php 378.00).

- Good for 2 persons. I used only half of it.

- No irritation felt on my sensitive scalp.


- It's really hard to find the other shades. (Always SOLD OUT)

- Mine faded after a month. Now I have a dark brown hair.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Will I repurchase? I already bought 3 boxes for future use. (2 Natural Brown and 1 Dark brown)



  1. Cool. I just used one in natural brown :D

  2. Thanks Aya. I am planning to dye my hair again this July 22. I am going to use Natural Brown too. :)

  3. HI u dye ur hair black. panu nyo e dye ulit ng natural brown ? e bleach nyo po ba?


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