Sisterly LOVE

I would like to share to you girls our latest pictures. We went to the mall and decided to visit Great Image. We took four shots (1 3r and 1 wallet size per shot). This cost us around 800+ pesos.

It is a nice thing when sisters bond and enjoy each others company.

Do you have sisters? Care to share your bonding moments? :)



  1. Hi Micmic! I wish I did have a sister, I have a brother though! I hear how great it is to have a sister, the bonding is much stronger because you get the share the same interests together! I guess for now the closest feeling I can get to a sister are my besties! -Mar

  2. Hi Mar. I would have to agree with you. I have a brother and we're not really close. We rarely talk. But with my sister, I can talk about anything.

    BTW, I followed you. :)


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