A day before my BIRTHDAY.

 I received 3 deliveries today. The first one was delivered via ERIM Express. I received the Chocovrons I won from an auction in Facebook. Yes! Even foods are being auctioned now. The name of the online shop is Modisch Closet.

I love Chocovron (Cookies n Cream flavor)! I bought three packs, two for me and one for my boyfriend. He likes Chocovs, too.

 The second that I received was delivered via Air21. These are the lashes I bought from Ms. Say Artillero. These are the cheapest lashes I've known so far. Php100.00 for 8 pairs. Isn't that a steal? That's why I bought 3 packs/sets.

Before leaving the house, I received the third delivery via JRS Express. This is the concealer palette from Vanity Galore's auction in Facebook. I got this for Php 450 plus shipping fee. I also received two freebies (eyeliner pencil and nose mask).

I am so excited to try the lashes and the concealer palette. Uhm, about the Chocovron? I already ate 6 pcs. :P

What a great day before my BIRTHDAY!

How was your day? Share it here. ^_^



  1. Hey, advanced happy birthday then! =) Hope your actual birthday becomes even better! =)

  2. Thanks ghoent! I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway later. :)

  3. Yey I looove receiving packages! :D Adv. happy birthday :)

  4. @Aya - Me too. More to come. Thanks for the birthday greeting! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Micmic! I think I want those chocovorons, sounds super delicious! I especially love the palette purchase and can't wait for you to try it on! - Mar

  6. @Mar - Thanks dear! The cookies n cream chocovs are really yummy! You should try it! I've used the concealer palette twice and so far, I am loving it. :)


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