Etude House Grand Sale Haul

I know this is a VERY late post. I've been busy with my work and my birthday giveaway. These are the items I purchased from Etude House. I won't be posting the prices for each item since I got these during the sale weeks ago. Now, they're back on their original prices.

So let me start with the freebie because it's super cute. This is a very cute pen with black ink.

Now let's move on to my purchases.

1. Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream #3

(Sheer Flawless Skin)

I was told by the SA that this is the best for my skin since I am in the middle of normal to oily skin. The shade fits me well upon swatching it on the back of my palm.

 I love BB creams because it can be a substitute for a foundation plus it has some benefits. This particular BB cream has SPF30/PA++, anti-wrinkle and whitening and anti-darkening benefits. Plus, it doesn't contain paraben (based on the ingredients written on the side of the box).

2. Proof 10 Eye Primer

This is my first eye primer ever.

3. Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara

My Max Factor mascara needs a replacement so I bought this one. I like this because it's waterproof

4. Petit Darling Eyes Matte No. 1

Even though I have a similar shade at home, I still bought one for a reserve.

 5. Two Dear Darling Tint (#1 and #2)

I got 2 shades - pink and red.

6. 2 Petit Darling Nails HD Beam (GR607 and PK004)

7. Petit Bijou Peach Touch All Over Spray

I love the scent but it doesn't last really long.

 8. Shower Ball

It's pink. Therefore, it's cute.

That's all ladies. I am happy with my purchases and will definitely buy again from Etude House.

Have you tried any of these products? Share your stories on the comment area below. :)

By the way, my birthday giveaway will soon end. The hair bubble color of Etude House is one of the prizes. Join here. 



  1. yay! Etude House! I love Etude House products especially their tints and bb cream.
    How much is that all over spray?

    advance happy birthday! :)

  2. Nice haul! BTW, I'm just new in the blogging world... ^__^

    I also have the Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong (Sheer Silky Skin) and I really love it! Also their Proof 10 Eye Primer which works wonders! It makes eyeshadow more vibrant and no creasing...

    I also want to try the Dear Darling Tint.

  3. @Marxie - It's 378 pesos. It's cheap and has a really good smell but it wont last really long. :(
    Thanks for the birthday greeting. :)

    @RINoA~onihime - My favorite among this latest haul of mine is the Proof 10 Eye Primer. You're right, it really does wonders! You should try the Dear Darling Tint. It's cheap and I love the berry scent. :)

  4. im jealous! i hope they will have another sale. btw, is the eye primer good?

    followed your blog <3 hope you can check my blog as well :D

  5. @psychedelicme - Yes, the primer is AWESOME!

    Followed you back. :)

  6. Oh, I was actually planning to buy I changed my mind since you said it doesn't last long. too bad. :|

    I really hope they will have another grand sale because I wasn't able to go to manila when that sale happened.. but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. *sigh

    tomorrow is your birthday! yay! You and my close friend share the same birthdate. :D
    Advance happy birthday again and I hope you'll enjoy your day tomorrow. :D

  7. @Marxie - Yea, that's the downfall of that item.

    We are currently sharing the same hopes. I love Etude House. :)

    Happy birthday to your friend. Thanks for greeting me again dear.


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