SM Masinag Mini Haul (August)

I've been having breakouts lately and thanks to Syry-Online's post because it made me try out St. Ives products. I bought a scrub and face wash. I got them under 200 pesos each.

I also got myself an eyelash adhesive by Nichido. I will use this together with the lashes I bought from Ms. Say Artillero. This cost me like under a hundred.

Of course, I bought another 2 bottles of my favorite conditioners by L'oreal Paris. They are still on sale that's why I bought 2 again.

Share your thoughts about these products here. :)



  1. I love your St. Ives Apricot Scrub! It really works. I remember having a pocket-sized bottle so that I could bring it during college sleepover days. =)

  2. i love the st ives too! i like the loreal, but idk why i'm having dandruff.. did you experience that hun?

  3. @Eunice - The products are really helpful. I am loving it.

    @Diane - I've always had problems with my scalp. Even before I used L'oreal products. I have a very sensitive scalp. :(

  4. Whoa, Loreal for 99 pesos, that's a real steal!

    Anyway, hey Michelle! Thank you for your comment. I lived in the Philippines about 11 years back- is that how long you've last seen me? I do go to the Philippines every year since 5 years ago for quick vacays though. Which church do you go to? Let's tweet @PheyyySa- I'm hella curious! LOL

    Looking fw to see more post from you! I love reading beauty reviews from the Philippines! x

  5. i love st ives helped me a lot with my break out too and its keeping my skin clear and fresh ^^


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