REVIEW: Etude House Dear Darling Tints

Hi there! Do you remember my Etude House Grand Sale Haul? Well, here's a short review of the tints Etude House Dear Darling Tints I bought during the grand sale.



(Swatches on the back of my hand)

Upon application.

After letting it dry.

10 hours after the application; washed my hands once (sorry for the low quality photo).

Here are my photos wearing the tints (Sorry for the dark circles)

(Left: Pink; Right: Red)


Packaging: I love it! It's girly and cute. And also, I dropped them accidentally a couple of times and it didn't break.

Pigment: It's not as pigmented as my Tony Moly tints but it gives my lips a healthy look. I don't want my tints to be as strong as my lipsticks. I want it subtle.

Price: Very affordable (Php 198.00).

Scent: It has a fruity scent to it (something like grapes).


It can be easily removed when you eat that's why reapplication is needed.

I think I like the red one than the pink one because the red looks more natural on me.

Overall, I love these tints especially the red one and will purchase again. I will also try shade #3 (orange).

Have you been using tints lately? Share your thoughts about them here. :)



  1. thanks for posting this I'm actually looking for some reviews about this one :))

    i followed you :))

  2. You're welcome Cris. Just sharing my thoughts. Hehe. Anyways, I followed you too. :)


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