Pre-Valentine's Date + Mini Haul

Hello everyone! I am officially back and there's no better way to start (again) than to show you my pre-Valentine's date with my boyfriend last February 11, 2012.To start this, let me show you my simple (atleast for me) look. I used two shades for my eye shadow (light pink and medium brown), contoured my face and applied a pink lip tint. Bear with me, I ain't a pro. :)

 My boyfriend and I went to Gateway Mall and ate lunch at Pho Hoa. We both love Pho Hoa's dishes especially their noodles which is heaven for us. Here are some photos before we had our lunch; just goofing around with our favorite condiment, Sriracha (their hot sauce).

Of course, a vain shot is always expected.

 Let me show you the dishes that we ordered.
Boyfie had Canh Chua Tom, hot and sour soup with prawns and pineapple.

I had Pho Ga, a chicken noodle soup. Well, I am not as adventurous as he is.

All noodles are served with bean sprouts, basil and lemon wedges.

Our favorite which is a fried rice paper roll with lettuce wrap. I'm sorry because I forgot what it's called but I do hope you get my description really well.

We both ordered Iced Tea for drinks.

After eating, we went to the ticket booth in Araneta Center and bought 2 concert tickets as gifts to my parents.

We watched a movie called The Vow. It's one hella nice movie. It made me cry a bit. You should watch that and be inspired. :)

While walking, we saw Chatime and decided to try out their milk tea. I ordered Taro Milk Tea (which is really yummy) and boyfie ordered Banana Milk Tea. I also got a free sample of the newest shampoo and conditioner from Dove just by ordering milk tea.

I asked boyfie if we can go and check out some cosmetics in SM Cubao and he was kind to allow me to buy some (haha, he doesn't like me wearing makeup!). I saw 2 items that I've been meaning to try: James Cooper Jazzy Collection Compact Cream Foundation and ELF Studio Powder Brush.

Php 550.00

Php 249.75

We bought some fries from Potato Corner and headed home after.

Our last photo for the day. We both look so tired.

Overall, I enjoyed this day. It's my kind of date. No flashy gifts; just simple yet memorable.



  1. agree! simple yet mem'rable:) you look good together!

  2. Maganda yang Dove shampoo and conditioner! :D

    Wah you look so cute together. Sweet lang na ayaw ng bf mo na me makeup ka. ♥♥♥

    I've watched The Vow too! Katouch no? :D

  3. I agree. Maganda nga and I love the scent.

    Thanks! He's really sweet and he goes for natural beauty, daw. :)

    Super ka-touch. Made me love my bf even more. <3

  4. waaahh.. suddenly i remember my boyfriend.. this is our typical Sunday routine and he loves Potato Corner Chili bbq + Chatime. He's favorite is Choco mouse while mine is Honey Lemon Aloe. Were both certified Chatime addict :)

    *Parang kamukha niya si Jason Abalos sa 3rd pix :) *

  5. So far, Chatime has the best milk tea for me. :)

    Haha celebrity-looking pala si bf. :)


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