Hello readers. Here is a post of my purchases from Fc Ukay (a facebook online seller).

The first item I purchased from them is a Kenneth Cole bag. Yes, an authentic one. Although they sell "ukay" stuff, this one's labeled brand new with tag that's why I bought it. I was more than satisfied when I received this. I loved every detail of the bag (except the smell, haha).Sorry, no actual photo for this.

(Photo from Fc Ukay)

Then, I looked at their items again, saw five beautiful pieces of clothes and bought them. Let me show you what I got. Just read on the details on Fc Ukay's photos for the size and price of each item. (Photo from Fc Ukay)

 (Photo from Fc Ukay)

(Photo from Fc Ukay)
(Photo from Fc Ukay)

Out of the five clothes, this WAS my favorite. I super love the classy look of this top. Unfortunately, upon checking, I saw some damages and immediately informed Angel about this. I sent her photos of the item showing the damages and returned back via courier as per request by her. I was told that I can choose another item as a replacement. I was sad at first but thankful that she was nice enough to offer me something else.

(Photo from FCUkay)

The sadness turned into HAPPINESS this morning because I received the items (the replacement and a new purchase). Yea, I bought something from them again.

Check out Fc Ukay's items by clicking here.
You wont regret it, PROMISE. :)



  1. I like the last two tops! :D ♥

    Nice haul! :D

  2. I don't think I can wear the sleeveless top (2nd to the last) because it's too revealing and bf doesn't approve of that haha.

    The last one naman, I returned it back to the seller kasi damaged e.

    Thanks Janine. :)


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