1st Year Anniversary Giveaway

Hi dear readers. Yea, my blogging career (naks!) started a year ago. I must say, I haven't been giving my all to post more often but still, I want to thank you all for being there and for your patience with my posts. :)

So here are the stuff that you can get if ever you win. These items are from Caramel Sundae Online which I co-own.

Etude House Lip and Eye (makeup) Remover 15ml
Tony Moly Lip and Cheek Tint Red Apple (full size)
Tony Moly Lip and Cheek Tint Cherry Pink (mini)
Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream 5ml
Lioele Water Drop BB Cream 5ml
5 Skinfood Masks (click for my review)Here's what you should do:
1. Follow my blog via GFC.
2. Like my Facebook page.
3. Follow me on Twitter.
4. Like Caramel Sundae Online's page.
5. Post publicly on Facebook and on Twitter "I am joining Micmic's corner's 1st Anniversary Giveaway sponsored by CaramelSundaeOnline.http://www.micmicscorner.com/1st-year-anniversary-giveaway/m (please tag the 2 pages and include the link)

6. Create a blog post and link it to this entry.

7. Comment down:
Link to Facebook profile
Link to the tweet posted
Link to blog post
GFC Name
Email AddressIf ever I reach 100 followers here while this giveaway is still open, I will choose another winner for these items as consolation prize.
I won't be going through the items one by one. These are sachets/samples of korean cosmetics and beauty products (26 assorted samples).This giveaway will end on May 26, 2012 and is open only for Philippines residents. Sorry, I still have no budget to do an international giveaway but, hopefully, soon I can do one.PS: I have revised some rules because I forgot to include them. I am sorry about this dear readers. I will definitely make up for it. Again, I am sorry. I hope you'll still join my simple giveaway.





  1. Just joined for the fun of it :)
    Link of Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/marykyut.sylphyl
    Link of the tweet posted https://twitter.com/#!/marykyutrosey/status/195556602345046016
    GFC Name marykyut rosey
    Email Address sylphyl@gmail.com

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  3. Be sure to follow all the steps. I revised some part also just for clarity. Thanks!

  4. Link of Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/alwayspinkpositive
    Link of the tweet posted: https://twitter.com/#!/janinegenious/status/196028163745251328
    GFC Name: Janine M.
    Email Address: ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    Happy birthday to your blog dear! :D

  5. Hi Micmic, I saw that you revised step no. 4. Have to repeat my entry, but is it okay to remove my first entry?

  6. Already sent you a pm dear. Sorry ha? :(

  7. Blogged. :D http://monsterprettyinthecity.blogspot.com/2012/04/micmics-corner-1st-year-anniversary.html

  8. Marykyut's blog post


  9. ink to Facebook profile

    Link to the tweet posted

    Link to blog post

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    thankies gurl ;) more power to ur blog and online shop ;D

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  14. Your entry isn't valid unless you make a blog post dear. :)

  15. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moypalaboy/posts/221165428000943
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  18. Ms. Stephanie, I thing your fb post isn't set to public. I can't view it dear. :(

    Hit me back when you're done fixing that. Thanks dear! :)

  19. Link to Facebook profile (status) ~ https://www.facebook.com/janniejoshelleparelofficial/posts/107701352701853

    Link to the tweet posted ~ https://twitter.com/TheJannieP/status/204869841725829120

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  21. Hi ms mich. okay na po, napublicize q na acct q. :)))

  22. Just checked it now and I still can't see it.

  23. Done na po. Sorry for d inconvenience
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    I also have an ongoing giveaway at my blog. I hope you could join. - RemakeStyle.com

  35. Sorry but I wasn't able to see a blog post.

  36. Sorry, but a blog post is a must. :(

  37. Wrong tweet link and no blog post. :(


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