Haircut #1

I normally get irritated if I let months pass without doing anything to my hair. Recently, I got itched and wanted to have a haircut. My boyfriend will never allow me to go short again so instead, I had my hair trimmed (around an inch) just so I could have a feel of having a haircut. Haha!  Besides, the ends of my hair are really dry so the cut wouldn't really hurt.BTW, I numbered this post so that I can monitor the changes I make to my hair. It's fun to look back once in a while. :)

My hair before. A bit long, wavy and messy and I like it. :)

After: front view (eyebags eyebags!)

After: back view

Goofing around with my sister after the haircut.

I am satisfied with the result. My hair looked healthy again. But I still want it longer. Haha, patience is a virtue as they say so I'm just gonna wait again. :)

If you have time, please:



  1. hi miss michelle? ano pong tawag sa haircut na yan? kasi i wanted something like that sana,not so layered..para di matikwas. :)

  2. I am not really sure e kasi I've had that haircut for like forever. Laging trim lang sinasabi ko haha. But as I see it, parang layered V-shaped cut. LOL! Nagmamarunong ako.


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