Skin's KRAVE-ings (Krave Minerale)

Warning: Picture heavy

Organic and mineral beauty products are must haves for me. I've used some before; some I am still using now but some failed me and of course, I stopped using those. Now, I wanna share with you the product line that I have been using for more than a month now and so far, I AM LOVING IT! This is Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals.

Here's a brief information about KRAVE MINERALE COSMECEUTICALS.

1st in the Philippines to bring you imported mineral make up & organic skin care products with certified USDA ORGANIC ingredients sourced out around the globe. 

Here are my babies! A lot, right?

Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash 

(not included in the above photo)

Php 265.00

Fruittie Poreless Toner Spray
Php 250.00
I just finished a bottle of this.

Moisture Souffle Night Cream
Php 320.00

See? It's almost empty. :P

Panacea Olio Nutriente (Nutritious Oil)
Php 475.00

Correct and Conceal Mineral Concealer
Php 285.00

Organic Liquid Foundation in Cassata
I use this for those times that I want a tanned look.
Php 385

Luxurious Perfection in Cafe Melange
Php 300.00

Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator
Php 285.00

Almost empty, too. FAVORITE!

Pretty Young Thin Contouring Powder
Php 310.00

Mist Spritz Makeup Setting Spray
This make my makeup last longer and I love the dewy effect it gives.
Php 200.00

Last but not the least is the tester of Detox and White Mud Masque I received from Ms. Trina (owner of Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals). I will definitely get the full size of this.

As a distributor/seller, I should know my products really well. In that way, I will know what to recommend for a specific type of skin or suggest based on the buyer's preferences.

So far, out of the 11 items I showed you, I have 5 favorites. Hopefully, next month, I will add more Krave products in my beauty/makeup regimen.

Go ahead and try these babies and make them your skin's KRAVE-ings, too. :)




  1. Thanks for sharing!! I'm so tempted to order one of these! I'm pretty interested in all of them!!! Would just like to ask if there is a lighter shade on the liquid foundation and if its suitable for oily skin? I'll check out your shop now ^_^~

  2. Hi Janet! Thanks for always reading my posts. :)

    Yes, there is a lighter shade which is Ricotta. Krave's liquid foundation doesn't oil up on me. It has anti aging, oil absorbing + cell renewal ingredients. Great, right? :)

  3. Wah I wanna try evretheeeeeng!!!


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