A New Puppy for Boyfie

I am really tired right now but I want to post this before I go to bed.

This morning, my boyfriend and I went to Cartimar in Pasay City to look for a puppy. I promised him months ago that I will buy him one for his birthday. More like an exchange gift because in the coming days, he'll buy me my birthday presents. Yes, presents! Thinking of getting the Naked Palette and a pair of sandals! Yipee! =PWe visited every pet shops. It took us, I think, half an hour (or more than that) to decide on which puppy we will be getting.Finally, we decided to get this cute Japanese Spitz. He's 2 months old and super friendly and "malambing" right away. He wasn't the original choice but after seeing how playful and kind this puppy is, we changed our minds and bought him instead. No regrets at all!

Ritwic (boyfie's name, BTW) and his mom named the puppy "PITZ" hahaha! Cute, right? Pitz, the Japanese Spitz! LMAO!Here are some photos of Pitz when we got home (Ritwic's home, actually).

Inside his cute cage.

Making "lambing" to his new buddy!

So cute!

Great shot by Ritwic's mom.

I will also share with you the VERY JEALOUS cat named OLIVER. I guess he was just shocked to find out that he isn't the only baby anymore. :P

The DIRTY Oliver

FOTD: Fugly lookin' girl. LOL! (Imagine, hulas na makeup dahil sa pawis. Eww!)

The only nice thing about my FOTD.

After the puppy shopping, we went to the church with my family.

Hannah, myself and Ritwic

First photo with his new baby! I hope that Pitz will add more happiness in your life, in our lives. Happy birthday in advance! I love you!


I can't wait for Pitz to grow and be like this. =)


God bless! ^_^




  1. Sorry for the very late reply. I didn;t notice your comment. Anyways, we paid 6000+ pesos for the Japanese Spitz. Sorry but I have no idea on the prices of other dogs.

  2. How much is your pet japanese spitz? And do u know how much is the price of other dogs? thank you! Please reply ASAP!


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