ELF Cosmetics' Smoky Eye Set Beauty Book

Are you familiar with ELF Cosmetics Philippines? Let me share with you first a little background about the brand which I saw from their Official Facebook Page.

The Official facebook page of ELF Cosmetics Philippines.


e.l.f.’s philosophy is that beauty comes from within and it's our goal to enable every woman to look and feel her personal best through the perfect blend of both the inner and outer person. With that goal in mind, e.l.f. cosmetics was born – a line of simple, luxurious, problem-solution tools that allow you to showcase and believe in your unique, personal beauty. Our cosmetics are designed to improve and accentuate the individual, not hide her away.

We at e.l.f. believe that innovative technology, quality ingredients and superb delivery systems should not be limited to prestige retailers. Every woman should have the opportunity to participate in innovation, without sacrificing her budget. We hope you agree and invite you to experience e.l.f.’s revolutionary, value-priced cosmetics and the proven results they offer.


Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics.Where Beauty meets Value. Luxury for Less.The brainchild of leading American makeup artist Scott Vincent Borba (the man behind Hard Candy's cosmetic line) and business man Joseph Shamah, e.l.f. (which stands for eyes lips face) was born in June 2004 in New York, USA.

With their combined backgrounds in business and beauty the two set about creating their cosmetic company around one goal – making high quality, innovative products at a low price allowing women to be able to play and experiment with makeup - lots and lots of makeup - without breaking the bank.Today, e.l.f.’s revolutionary approach to beauty has developed into a cosmetic phenomenon earning the brand a huge cult following across the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Celeb fans include Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria-Parker and Hillary Duff.

I have been an ELF Cosmetics user for quite some time. I love that their products are really affordable yet gives a satisfactory results. I personally love the two-way foundation that has SPF15, the primer and sealer combo and the lash curler. I have yet to try other stuff especially the lip stains and the blush and bronzer duo because I have read raves about these two.

They had their first milestone raffle giving away 10 Beauty Books. Yes, 10! So generous, right? I was one of the winners which really made me so happy. A very early birthday gift, I must say (I will be turning 26 next month).

Photo credits: ELF Cosmetics Philippines

Photo credits: ELF Cosmetics Philippines

The other day, I received my prize and here are some photos upon opening the package.

Inside (with a simple guide on how to use it)

Swatches of the eye liner, eyelid primer
and eye shadows (top w/o primer; bottom w/ primer)

I immediately tested the product and I created two looks which I thought I will never be able to create. I am no good with eye shadows but playing with the colors made it really easy for me. Plus it has a simple guide inside for newbies like me.

Daytime Look

Sorry for the ugly under eyes. I gave up on them already. :P

Don't mind the brow, please. I obviously picked up the wrong shade.

Played with 3 colors: 2 uppermost and 1 in the middle (left side).
Refer to the photo of the pans.

Nighttime Look 

Paired with a mauvey lip color.

Added the black E/S on the outer corners to make it smokey and dramatic.

The eye shadows are pigmented but fall outs should be expected. Users/Future users of this should also be aware that 2 eye shadows have chunky shimmers in it that goes everywhere but can be cleaned out using a fan brush. The primer is really needed for application to lessen fall outs.

Overall, I still love this set because it's almost complete. You'll just need a mascara and viola, a complete set for eye makeup!

Thank you ELF Cosmetics Philippines for this prize. It's really a nice piece and I know I will be using in the coming days.

Ladies, they are currently having their 2nd raffle. The prize is as lovely as this. ClickHERE to join.

God bless! ^_^




  1. Thanks Istin! You're one of the winners in the 2nd raffle ah! Congratulations as well! :)

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