Hair Treatment: L'oreal's DiaLight

Who's a sucker for hair coloring? I am! I love having my hair dyed every now and then because I already have some gray hair showing up.

The other day L'oreal conducted a demo at our salon and I was fortunate enough to be their model. The hair technician gave me a Gloss Treatment called DiaLight. She combined two colors (8.34 and 9.3). When I saw the colors in the chart, they were way too light (blonde and ash, I think). But this product doesn't do color lifting. It can only tone down previously colored hair. It doesn't contain ammonia, that's why.

The Result


Shiny, right?

Left: Months ago; messy, dull hair.
Right: After the treatment; toned down color with healthy reflects.

Left: After my haircut. See that patches of color? My previous color already faded.
Right: After the treatment. Healthier color, right?

Overall, I love the result. My hair has never been this shiny and healthy. It's also more manageable now. I am so thankful for this treatment.
God bless! ^_^