HAUL | Superb by Supersale Bazaar (May 26, 2012)

Last month, Superb by Supersale Bazaar happened in SMX Convention Center and I was able to pay a visit. I wasn't really going but after my check-up with out family doctor, we headed to Mall of Asia to have lunch. I asked my mom if she could go with me to the bazaar and she said yes.

I purchased some goodies and I want to share them with you. ^_^

The first ones we purchased are these cute necklaces from The Bling Project. I think the price was 2 for Php 500.00 or something close to that. I super love these pieces as they make a simple outfit really stand out. My mom wore the silver one yesterday and some ladies looked at it. Indeed, it caught attention and I like it! Let me also say that the sellers were really nice. My mom is kind of "kuripot" and tends to make "tawad" but still, they seemed nice and very accommodating.


This is my mom's neck. :)

Next, we saw this cute mini-traincase from Szakiyah and I bought it right away with the price of Php 1000.00. I realized just now that this is a bit expensive for a very small traincase but since it's my first, I gotta love it! I also bought a Lioele nail polish for Php 140.00 and I think I might give this away since the shade doesn't compliment my hands and feet.

The last stall we went to is Designs by Abby Jocson. First, I want to mention that the seller (I think it's Ms. Abby Jocson ^_^)  is so stunning! She looked fab that day. She's super nice too. "Inglisera" but super easy to deal with (hindi naman dumugo ang ilong ko, haha). She suggested a lot to us but since we had a tight budget, we purchased the 2 for 999 bags. These were actually purchased by my mom for me and my sister. I got the brown one and we gave the blue one (no photo, sorry) as "pasalubong" for my younger sister.


My favorite out of these would have to be the bag. The color matches every outfit and it's so convenient to bring. I just love it so much and I am thinking of purchasing another bag from Ms. Abby. :)

Have you been to any bazaars lately? How was your experience?




  1. Aww I miss going to bazaars! Now my sked is a lot clearer, I'll be able to visit some again :)

  2. It's my first time naman sa Supersale. It's fun pala pero nakakatempt bumili. :)

  3. cute mini train case <3 love it! i like minis lolz

    ~aiMee/aMz, http://amz88.blogspot.com/ <3

  4. Great haul! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)


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