REVIEW | Beauty Cosmetics' 12-pc Synthetic Brush Set

WARNING: Long and picture heavy post.

If you are a follower of mine in Instagram (michellemagramo), you've probably seen me posted this photo weeks ago. It is my new Beauty Cosmetics 12-pc Synthetic Brush Set. Say Artillero and Emafe Rice raved about these babies so I asked my loving boyfriend to get me a set.

I have read in my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual book that makeup brushes play a vital role in the application of makeup. I am a no-pro when it comes to these things but at least for myself, I want to satisfy my vanity needs by using a makeup tool that's worth every cent.

My first 2 makeup brush sets were from Nichido and In2it. I've used them for quite some time but that's only because I lack knowledge before of what a good makeup brush is. They were a bit scratchy hence irritated my skin. Other brands of brushes I've used are Marrionaud and Elf which gave quite satisfying results.So the transaction with Beauty Cosmetics went really smooth and fast. They mailed my brushes right after I paid for it (I was the one who contacted them but I used boyfriend's money :P). It was a hassle-free transaction, I must say.

- Cute and girly. I love the pink synthetic leather brush roll with the name "Beauty Cosmetics" engraved.
- Snap on magnetic closure.

Powder Brush 

- Dense enough to pack on loose/compact powder on the face.

Flat Top Brush

- Similar to my ELF powder brush (shown in the photo). They function almost the same. Love this both!

- Great for buffing cream and liquid profucts on the face.

Angled-Contour Brush
- Perfect to use for finding the hollows of your cheeks. This is my newest favorite contour brush. (Click HERE.)

- Quite comparable with Marrionaud's Blush brush but the latter is more multi-functional.

Foundation Brush

- Dense and leaves no to very minimal streaks because the bristles are not as stiff as the one from ELF.
- I find this nice to use for blending concealer for a very even finish.
- Side by side with ELF's foundation brush, you can see clearly the difference.
- I would love to compare this with their Tapered Foundation/Concealer Brush one day. :)

Large and Small Eye Shadow Brushes

- Works as an ordinary eye shadow brush.
- The sizes are just right depending on your preference.
- Great for patting on eye shadow on the entire lids.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush 

- I use this to apply eye shadow on my outer corners and it's also a nice brush for blending eye shadows.

Blending Brush
- Fluffy enough to blend those harsh eye shadow edges and also great for applying color on to the crease.

Concealer Brush
- Great for patting on concealer.
- Very soft and doesn't irritate under eye area.

Pencil Brush

- It's pointed tip is great for applying makeup on the crease, inner corners and lash line.

Angled Eye Liner Brush 
- Can be used for lining lower and upper lash line and also nice for doing your brows.

Detailer Brush

- Actually, I didn't know what to call this but I remembered that Emafe called this detailer so I used it also. It can really be used to smudge or spread eye liner on lower and upper lash line.
- Also perfect for highlighting inner corners.

- This can also function as a lip brush.

Small Flat Top Brush (THE FREE ITEM)

- Also nice for buffing except that it's a bit smaller. (I gave this to my mom since she also needs a flat top brush)

- All brushes are super soft and not scratchy at all.
- Every single brush has a function for every makeup junkies like me.
- Affordable for a very useful brush set.
- Super girly and I like it!
- No bleeding/shedding.
- Brushes still looked excellent after it's first wash.CONS:
- Only available online. That's the only con I can come up with.

Yes but I don't see it coming any sooner. I think the brushes are sturdy enough so my next purchase will probably happen after months or years depending on how I take care of them. :)

Beauty Cosmetics (

Php 1250.00 per set plus delivery charge

I hope you all liked this review I made. The space below is provided for your comments, suggestions or if you just want to say something. :)

God bless! ^_^




  1. I was about to purchase this last night pero out of stock na. D: D:


  2. Wah I want a brush set. I don't own one. :P

    These look nice. :)

  3. *le sigh*
    Been wanting this for the longest time but since I purchased my Sigma face brushes first i didn't have enough left for this brush set. Now that I have the money na available, sold out na siya! :(((

  4. I think they will restock naman. :)

  5. Super nice nya Nin. As in super soft. :)

  6. Ako naman yung nainggit. I want a Sigma brush. Kahit isa lang. F80 please. LOL!

  7. This set looks pretty nice! Thanks for the reviews ^_~

  8. Thanks Iya! Sana magustuhan mo din. I'm so inggit kasi I think you'll be getting the black one.

  9. Nice review Micmic! Hmm i'm thinking of getting this rather than Charm. Cheaper and I think I've read enough good reviews about it na, dumagdag pa yung sayo. Yay! :))))


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