REVIEW: Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring

Hi gorgeous readers! Here's a new review for everyone! If you want to have smooth looking, hairless skin, this one's for you. Believe me, guys like it better if girls have smooth looking skin. =) Remember my haul from Skye Avenue? This set from Strip It was included in that haul. The day I received it, my sister and I tried it right away. Since she has hairy legs, I did the road test on her.

100 gram-kit


My sister's legs.

The product.

First try. (Sorry, I know this is kind of gross.)

See the hairs? BTW, I used a different cloth with my sister's legs but I used the one included on my armpit and it worked just fine.

The result.

- Affordable.
- Very effective.
- Very easy to use.
- My sister told me that plucking hurts more than using this.

- The finish was very satisfactory.

- It didn't irritate my sister's skin as well as my skin (used it on my armpits)



- A bit messy to use since it's made of sugar.

Will I repurchase?
YES! But I would love to try the Chocolate-flavored one.

Buy it here:
Strip It's Multiply Page
Skye Avenue's Facebook Page

CLASSIC WAX : Mini Tub Sugaring Kit -- 100grams
Price: 130php
*Can last up to 3 months, depending on use

CHOCOLATE WAX Kit -- 100grams
Price: 199php
*Can last up to 3 months, depending on use

CLASSIC WAX : Trial Kit in Clear Tub -- 150grams
Price: 160php
*Can last up to 5 months, depending on use.

CLASSIC WAX : Medium Tub Sugaring Kit -- 200grams
Price: 200php
*Can last up to 6 months, depending on use.

CLASSIC WAX : Big Tub Sugaring Kit -- 350grams
Price: 295php
*Can last up to 10 months, depending on use.
My sister loves her smooth legs. Go grab your Strip it kits now. =)

God bless! ^_^




  1. Wow! nice review! ^_~ I've tried a sugar wax before, the results were pretty amazing but indeed quite messy application.. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. i want to try this.. but is it masakit?? hihi.. :))

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    Anne of ANNEHOLICA

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