The Dog Lover in Me

Hello everyone! I am still in the middle of finalizing some beauty-related posts. In the meantime, get to know me more thru this post. In a month's time, I will be celebrating my 26th birthday and I think it's about time I share to you what I love besides makeup. :)

When I was still young, my parents would normally buy one dog. If that dog dies, they'll buy a new one. I wasn't too attached to to them before maybe because I was busy with school stuff. I regret that. If only I could turn back time, I would have spent more time playing with them and giving them more love and affection that they truly deserve.

This is Jessa (Chinese Shapei). We had her for years. She died few months ago due to liver failure. I think my whole family will agree that Jessa, so far, is the kindest dog we ever had. Even to her last breath, she still showed love for us by making "lambing" while she's confined. The doctor didn't even notice that she died already. All the while they thought she was just sleeping. Oh, and she died before we went out of town. Seemed like she felt the need for her to leave so that we can go without us thinking if she's doing okay. But, it went otherwise. We were just sad. It's like we lost a family member.

This one is Karlo (Beagle). He's Jessa's playmate. She would run after him and once she catches him, they would play bite each other. Don't you worry, animal lovers out there, no dogs were harmed. It's just a normal thing for dogs to play with each other once in a while.

Karlo's the type who wants to play always. When we saw him in Tiendesitas, he was like playing with us right away. Seemed like he wanted us to get him. So my father did. Haha! Such a playful dog but a very sweet one, too. He would reach for our hands and rub his face. That's how sweet he is.

Meet Akira (Labrador Retriever), the dog we bought right after Jessa died. We felt the need for Karlo to have a new playmate that's why we went to Cartimar in Pasay to buy a new dog. We were in search for a Chinese Sharpei but we couldn't find one. When my brother saw Akira, they connected right away. Who wouldn't fall for those eyes? :)

Last but not the least is Akita (Lhasa Apso). My parents saw a photo on the street of a couple of cute lil' puppies being sold. They particularly chose Akita. Actually, she wasn't supposed to be included in the for sale puppies but my parents wanted her so badly they convinced the seller to just give her to them.

When I saw her, I was like soooooooooo happy! I must admit, she's my favorite. I like brat-looking puppies. Haha! I love all my dogs but I connected more with Akita. I don't know, maybe it's because she's so fluffy? LOL!

BTW, I love their eyes! Haha chinita, scary, sweet and bratty! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

I'm thankful to Jessa because she made me realize dogs' worth. Her sweetness and kindness were really helpful. My love for her, as well as for my new dogs, will never cease. :)





  1. Awwww your dogs are so cute. :3

  2. oooh! Akita is so cute!! did you tie her hair?aww, so damn kawaii ^_~

  3. Haha yes. Cute no? Parang brat lang. :)

  4. i love dogs too!! :)
    cute! i have a 3 month old shi tzu. :)

    btw, please check out my blog giveaway here

  5. Glad to know you're a dog lover! I am too! Interesting you have different breeds, haha of all sizes pa! I can imagine gulo siguro when they all play together! ^^v

    I also lost a lovely pal 2 years ago. Yeah, seemed like we lost a family member! Grabe iyak ko nun, we were so attached kasi. She was my baby. But I know they're great where ever they are today.

    "We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." (M. Facklam)


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