First Impression Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hello ladies (and gentlemen?). Now, I will be talking about something that is outside my comfort zone. Bear with me as you read on my review for the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

I am into neutral eye shadows. I rarely apply eye makeup but when I do, I tend to get browns and taupe shades. Well, it is because I find neutral shades easier to blend and mistakes are less likely to happen. I have high admiration to those who can blend different colors. I wish I could do that. Well, I guess I need to practice a bit more.

A neutral eye shadow palette for me is a must have. I guess lots of you will agree to that. You can never go wrong with neutrals (blending should still be considered). That's why I got this Urban Decay Naked Palette. I asked my boyfriend to give this to me as a birthday present. We bought this from MakeupHOLICS and I am just really happy that they have this on hand. I hate waiting, haha! We got this for Php 2900 and I think that's a real good price because I have seen this in other online shops and they were selling it for Php 3000 and up.

This is how it looks like. I love how elegant that packaging looks. The velvet type packaging is so classy. I will definitely try my best to keep it neat since the material can be subject to dirt adherence.

A mini Primer Potion is included and that's what made me happy the most. I love this more than the palette itself.

I saw in some reviews that a dual ended liner was included in the first batch of the Naked Palette. But now, a Good Karma Shadow brush is included. I was a bit sad about that because I don't think I can use this to apply eye shadow. This is just too stiff. Oh well, I still love the palette and the primer with or without the liner and the brush. =D

Swatches (top: w/o primer; bottom: w/ primer)

Water Test

top: w/o primer; bottom: w/ primer

I am surprised to see that the shadows are still visible after the water test.

top: w/o primer; bottom: w/ primer

I tried rubbing it off after the water test and as you can see, the Primer Potion did something very spectacular. After seeing this, I totally fell in love with it.

Freebie =)

I was given a Sigma sample eye shadow as a freebie. This is in the shade of Shine and you can find this in the Bare Palette. It's  very smooth and pigmented as well.

Reward Card

This card is great for loyal customers. I hope to buy more items from MakeupHOLICS and complete all ten stickers.

First Look Created

I used Sin on the lids, Buck on the crease, Darkhorse on the outer-V, Creep on the upper lash line and Virgin on the brow bone and inner corners.

- Very classy packaging
- Very handy
- Creamy, pigmented eye shadows
- Nice combination of shades
- Excellent primer, eye shadows stays really long!
- Didn't irritate my lids

- Not available locally
- Packaging might attract dirt
- Good karma brush is useless as an eye shadow brush but can be used as a concealer brush
- Minor fall outs
- Very shimmery, at least in my taste :)

Will I repurchase?
I still can't tell. I think this will last me a long time so I still can't decide.

Where to find this? MakeupHOLICS

Php 2900.00

God bless! ^_^



Disclaimer: Item bought by our own money and was given an honest review. This review was done after almost a week of using the Urban Decay Naked Palette.



  1. Wow you have your NAKED palette na! Nice :) I like the look you came up with! :)

  2. Jealous! My goal is to have one before this year ends!haha

  3. I'm sure you'll reach your goal! :)

  4. Thanks Aya! Thanks to my bf as well. Hahaha!

  5. Love the eye makeup! :)
    Wanna have this as board passing gift (claiming it LOL)! Sana magagree si Kuya wahahaha

  6. wow this palette works for everyday! and you're right, the price is reasonable compared to others!

  7. Thanks! :)
    Claim it and it will given. =)

  8. WOW! bet ko tong look na to! wearable everyday :)

  9. I agree! Super bet talaga ang NAKED palette kasi perfect talaga for day or night makeup. :)

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