REVIEW: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Mocha Pink

Hi pretty ladies (and gents, if there are any). How was your day? Mine was okay. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and I am just glad that I was able to go out and not feel anything bad today.

I am going to review this Bubble Hair Coloring (Mocha Pink) from Etude House. I purchased this because I saw Fema's review and I was like "Lovely color. I want that!". Hahaha! Read my haul here. It's not like this product is new to me because I have tried this more than a year ago (Black) and I was really satisfied. Read my first try on this product here.

This is what I wanted my hair color to look like.

Here are the items contained inside the box.

My hair before the application.

Let me just tell you that I find the application really fun! It's like I am back to my younger years playing with some stuff. Haha! The kiddo in me.

My hair after the coloring. These were taken under different artificial lighting.

Now, under natural light but I used different cameras.

- Affordable. Around Php 370+.

- Packaging is nice and girly but I want a more realistic shade guide on the box. I felt I was mislead.
- Complete set. From the coloring stuff to the plastic/cellophane cloak for protecting you clothes from getting colored to the gloves to the hair treatment after coloring.
- It gave a slight hint of color to my hair and kind of colored the regrowth to match the color of my hair.
- Can be used by two people.
- No irritation was felt.
- It did not dry my hair.
- Available locally.Cons:
- Has limited shades.
- Though the application is fun, it can be a bit messy.
- It didn't give me the color that I was looking for. I think I need to bleach my hair first.
- Most of the time, this shade is out of stock in our area that's why I bought mine online.
- You can feel the product heating after mixing it. It scared me the first time I tried it.
- Instructions are written in Korean so I didn't understand a single word. Good thing there are tutorials online.

Will I repurchase?
No. I have tried 3 shades and the only shade that impressed me is the black one but it faded after a month.

Where to purchase?
Etude House outlets nationwide or check out Kkochi Pida in Facebook.


Php 370+ in malls. As mentioned, I got mine cheaper because I bought it online at Kkochi Pida.

Packaging = 4/5
Effectiveness = 3/5

Availability = 3/5

Affordability = 4/5
OVERALL = 3.5/5

God bless! ^_^



Disclaimer: Product was bought by my own money. Review was of my honest opinion and was never biased.


  1. a lot of people have good review about this product! and we're the same! my hair needs to get bleached before applying color :( otherwise it won't show! the thing is i am very afraid to bleach my hair because i think it would damage it :(

  2. i tried EH bubble hair coloring in another shade a few months back.. i like that it's still visible.. :) sad to hear yours faded.


  3. it looks nice. i have been wanting to try this for the longest time. kaya lang the stall in MOA don't have it. but i had doubts na. hehe

  4. Tried this too. Didn't show up on my dark brown-black hair. I think Imma try a lighter shade like Gold Blonde next. I think it'll show up brown on my dark hair :)

  5. I've read another review that it actually made her hair darker. O_O I wanted to get a pink brown hair color. I saw this brand Richenna with same shade but I was hoping Tony Moly would be a better alternative because Richenna (accdg to the review can sting the scalp... I think mas harsh siya). Too bad Tony Moly didn't show a pinkish brown color. Thanks for posting this review.


  6. Oo nga e. I think it will really show up if you have a lighter hair color prior to using it. Haven't triedRichenna. But since it stings the scalp according to the reviews you saw, I think I won't try it nalang since I have a very sensitive scalp. =)

  7. i think when you said messy, you just dont know how to use the product. bubble hair color is made so as to make the application easier.

  8. Since I had to apply it to my own hair, including the back area, I experienced a bit of a mess.


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