REVIEW: Flawless Beauty Online Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar + BirthdayGiveaway #3 (CLOSED)

So finally, the weather is starting to be nicer again. It has been raining really hard here in the Philippines for the past few days. It even rained on the day of my birthday. It's not like I'm not used to it. Haha! Well, at least my skin won't get burned by sun.

Anyways, I want to let you know that I've always wanted my skin to be fairer. I have tried a lot of soaps that has whitening effects in it and some worked and some did not. Last summer, my skin darkened due to too much sun exposure. Can you blame me? Summer here in the Philippines is like soooo fun! You just have to swim and experience the heat at least during summer.

When Ms. Lei of Flawless Beauty Online told me that she will be giving a whitening set for my birthday giveaway, I was really happy and I feel so blessed for them to trust my blog right away. Little did I know, she also included a 250g-pack of Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar scrap soaps for me to try out. My skin lightened after summer but I still want to at least retain it and the scrap soaps are just in time.

Flawless Beauty Online (formerly Flawless Beauty Online Shop) started as an online seller of dermatologically tested skincare products in the defunct Friendster site which had its official launch in June 2009. Since then, Flawless Beauty Online following its success in selling skincare products online and offline had also ventured into marketing apparels, perfumes, bath and body, bags and accessories.

Flawless Beauty Online is operated by me, Lei with my husband, John Arsad, and a partner based in Quezon City, Philippines. So your orders may be shipped from either Bongao or Quezon City depending on our stocks availability. I am in charge with sales and marketing, John with the Finance and our QC-based partner with the production.

Flawless Beauty came into existence because of my passion for beauty and wellness. When i gave birth to my eldest son 4 years ago, i have developed an ugly melasma that are practically black patches all over my cheeks and upper lip. Then i found this beauty regimen which i initially tested on my mother's face. It was not before long that I have seen dramatic results on her face. That gave me the courage to follow suit. When friends and relatives noticed our glowing skin, they wanted to buy the kit. That's when i started selling my beauty regimen to others then the rest is history.

Our beauty products are formulated by licensed doctors and chemists using only premium raw materials. It is manufactured in a laboratory with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and BFAD approved. Our supplier supplies most derm clinics in manila. They have been in this business for 18 years as of this writing evident of their significant role in making quality soaps. Some of our soaps are an exclusive formula manufactured only for us.Since its inception in 2009, Flawless Beauty Online gained a huge following among our friends iin Singapore, Qatar, KSA, Dubai and even some parts of Europe. It is our pride that some of our biggest clients now have been with us since the beginning.ON January 15, 2012, Flawless Beauty Shop opened a store located along Ilmoh Street mainroad, fronting (MSU Prep. High School), Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. Alongside the shop is our Little Scramby Ice Scramble outlet.

When you buy from us, you buy with Confidence!


Product Claims:
Brightening. Anti-Oxidants. Aromatherapy

An exclusive only for Flawless Beauty, this soap helps maintain your skin youthful by making it brighter and radiant. The glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps eliminate dark spots and blemishes. It has moisturizers and plant extracts to help you achieve smooth, younger looking skin in as as early as 7 days.

Experience this sweet-smelling soap everytime you bath. Ideal for face and body.

Delivery = 5/5

The delivery was fast and the items arrived in excellent condition. No items were damaged during the course of travelling from their place to mine.

Packaging = 4/5

The paper bag is for the win! I love the hot pink color which makes it so girly and I also love that the name of their shop is written (actually, it's sticked to it) which adds professional look to it. My scrap soaps were placed in a clear plastic with pink ribbon tied to secure it. I also like that they included a calling card with a note at the back. It will be a great help in case after a long period of time and the buyer wants to order again.

The items for giveaway were labeled accordingly. One thing caught my attention is that ingredients aren't written. I don't understand some ingredients used to beauty products but I would love to see them on the items I am using.

For the bar soap, Flawless Beauty Online's name is engraved.

Effectiveness = 4/5
The scent (and the color) reminds me of the Strawberries and Cream from Starbucks. It smells so good and it's kind of relaxing. I used the soap on my body since I am following a strict skin care routine for my face. This did not dry my skin at all. Even if a rarely apply lotion, my skin still looks good. I did not notice any whitening effect yet although it did my skin color. No darkening experienced. I have yet to use this longer for me to conclude on that. I have used this for more more than two weeks and I only have 2 scrap pieces left. This melts easily. That's when scraps soaps get into the picture. I love scraps soaps because you have more control. Only a small piece will be soaked therefore, less wastage.

Availability = 4/5
This is only available via Flawless Beauty Online's Facebook page. Unlike other soaps, you won't see this in the beauty section of the local malls/grocery/supermarket. But since I love to shop online, that's a no biggie for me.


Affordability = 4/5

Retail price: P130 / bar

Weight: 150g
Quite expensive compared to other local whitening soaps I have tried.


I love this variant. It's my first time to try out a strawberry based soap and I just love it. The moisturizing and relaxing properties, I must say, makes the high price worth it. It also maintained the color of my skin even though I constantly expose myself to sunlight without lotion with high SPF. So, I love it!


Will I repurchase?

Yes. I also wanna try the Arbutin soap. I have read some good feedbacks about it.
Where to purchase:

Flawless Beauty Online
Here's my last installment for my Birthday Giveaway series. Thanks to Ms. Lei of FBO for sponsoring this.

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This giveaway will end on August 13, 2012. You've got lots of time ladies. Don't let this pass by.

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God bless! ^_^



Disclaimer: Product provided by the company/seller for review. All information are unbiased and of my honest opinion.


  1. Fair skin suits you well. :)

  2. You look sexier in tan skin :)


    I think mas bagay sayo ang fair skin :)


    I would love to see you fair because fair looking skin is more attractive...

    being fair suits you're chinky eyes :)

  6. tan, mas bagay sayo:)


    It depends on the physical structure of a person but I personally think that you look better fair. Unlike Venus Raj, you have look that will look better whiter.

  8. I don't think skin color matters, as long as it complements you. Just stick with your natural glow! :)
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  9. You look better when your fair :) it suites your features very well.. Simply pretty :)

  10. That bar of soap looks pretty girly! :)


    fair!because of flawless beauty online products!

  12. Sares Angoba BaldomeroOctober 1, 2012 at 5:17 PM

    the best

  13. Fair skin compliments your facial features well!

  14. girls will be more appealing if they have fair skin, so i want to see you fair skin :)))

  15. tan. :) its a healthy, natural color.

  16. Fair because it matches anything, with fair skin you can play of many colors...

  17. Fair :) I love fair complexion and I think that will fit for you :)

  18. fair skin! you are glowing and radiant.. pretty! :)

  19. Angela Pauline CalimagOctober 1, 2012 at 5:18 PM
    I would like to see you fair... :) Coz I think being fair makes you look fresh and young. :)

  20. Antonette A. MagistradoOctober 1, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    I would like to see you fair! your so beautiful !

  21. thanks for the review! I've never tried any strawberry flavored soaps and this seems pretty interesting, so going to try this out!! Thanks for sharing ^_~

  22. i think girls who are fair looks more appealing :) so i would rather be fair ;)

    fFair complexion appeals to the majority which I prefer for you.However if you feel more comfortable with a tan complexion so be it I will respect and think you are still pretty and it shouldn't allow that alone to affect you too much on how you view about yourself. Thank you for the giveaway hope many more will join. :)

  24. You look beautiful and stunning with a fair skin...
    so gorgeous to see it from you Ms. Micmic....

    fair or tan both are ok it's in your personality and attitude that would make you stand out from others.


    I want you to be just fair because it looks so natural and beautiful. :)

  27. wow..i love the smell of strawberries ate! will the scent linger on your skin even after a few minutes? :)


    i want to look fair and beautiful.being fair is natural.

  29. i want to whiten and make beautiful skin :)

  30. Rowena Isip VillanuevaOctober 1, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    Fair... i love asian color, though Tan looks good too...

  31. monica kris franciscoOctober 1, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    fair coz im proud to be an asian ... tsaka dont bother if tan or fair is my skin the important is ur pretty at kaya mong dalin kung anong meron ka at kung ano ka

  32. Well,meztisa skin is really a headturner here in our country and yeah it looks so malinis and mabango,but since I was born tan I will love to embrace my exotic complexion...:)


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