REVIEW: Geo Magic Color Lenses in CH624 Nudy Brown + Birthday Giveaway #2 (CLOSED)

Warning: Picture-heavy post.

I never really liked contact lenses before as I find them really tricky to wear and I am afraid it might irritate my very sensitive eyes. But when I saw Doll to Dull's contact lenses and the feedbacks from her clients, I told myself that I gotta have at least one pair.

Ms. Valerie (she wants me to remove the Ms. eh), the owner of Dull to Doll, sent me not one but two pairs of lenses. She handpicked it herself for me. When I got the lenses, I was really happy because what I got is the GEO Magic Color Soft Contact Lens in CH624 Nudy Brown. For a first timer like me, a neutral shade is just right.

Ms. Val's note. She's just too kind and generous. =)

The cute packaging.

Sterile Hydrophilic Contact Lens (62% Phema, 38% Water) stored in buffered saline solution.

The authenticity sticker. Checked mine and they were AUTHENTIC.
Just scratch and go to Geo's website to check. Just don't over scratch it. :)

This is how it should look like upon checking.

Be careful in opening because it can break your nails, ladies.

Drain the fluid contained inside as it is not needed once you have opened the vial.

Upon opening, I cleaned the lenses with Opti-Free Pure Moist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution. After cleaning, I soaked it for 6 hours using the same solution. Let's be very extra careful with our eyes. Use only the safest item and make sure you clean them thoroughly. Then I wore it after 6 hours of soaking.

Diameter: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.60 mm
Life Span: 1 year

My eyes. (All photos were taken indoors)

My dull looking eyes.

Left eye: with Geo CH624 nudy Brown; Right eye: without

Both eyes wearing Geo CH624 Nudy Brown

Here are some of my photos wearing the lenses. I so love it! It really enhanced the appearance of my dull looking eyes.

First 2 tries, it was uneasy for me. It's because I have never worn contact lenses before plus my eyes were a bit tired (staring at the computer for hours plus lack of sleep). I rested my eyes; had enough sleep. After that, I did not feel any uneasiness anymore. It's like I am not wearing any lenses at all.

I am also comfortable in the sense that I did not have problems with vision using these. I used to wear graded glasses before but I forgot the grades of my eyes (they have different grades, eh) so I just told Ms. Val that I will try the plano ones instead and to my surprise, I can clearly see things.
The longest I have worn these is 6 hours without using any eye drops. I was amazed! It didn't cause any feeling of dizziness or uneasiness for 6 hours. It al did not irritate my eyes.

As I have mentioned, I love the color. It enhanced the color of my eyes. Perfect match!

Since this is the first time, I cannot compare it with other lenses especially when it comes to sizes. But looking at my photos, I love how it made my eyes look bigger. I always wanted my eyes to look bigger. It looks so kawaii. :)

Repurchase? Yes. I want to get a black one but I am still undecided on which type to get. Can you suggest any? =)

Where to purchase? Dull to Doll. Ms. Valerie will answer every questions you have. She's just so nice and approachable (very pretty, too! :P)


Wait for the Rafflecopter to load and just go through the entries one by one. Enjoy and the best of luck yo everyone!

God bless! ^_^



Disclaimer: Product provided by the company/seller for review. All information are unbiased and of my honest opinion.


    I use eyeshadow and eyeliner to emphasize my eyes :)

  2. hehe trying my luck :3
    to make my eyes stand out i wear a fierce eye makeup or a thick mascara hehe <3
    i love ur lips and blush sis, the contact lenses looks great on you din ;)


    It depends on what I'm wearing. I normally just use eyeliner but if I am too lazy to even put on makeup, I just make my eyes stand out by keeping it open in a doll-like way. I can do that even without any cosmetics on without looking shocked. Seriously, like a curious, innocent doll. X3

  4. GFC: Chocola Bear
    I wear contact lenses and false lashes ...and sometimes with eyeshadow ^^


    A little eye shadow and more eye liner is my signature for a stand out, beautiful eyes =)

  6. I put liquid eyeliner on my upper lash line then coat my lashes with a waterproof mascara. I also use concealer to hide my dark eye circles and eyebags.

  7. i put colorful eyeshadows:)


    I make my eyes stand out my putting on a black liner on my upper lash line and white eyeliner on my waterline :>

  9. I make my eyes stand out by curling my eyelashes, wearing mascara, using eyeliner & adding eyeshadow everytime I go out! Most importantly, getting enough sleep before the event! :)

  10. christine loraine rivetaOctober 1, 2012 at 5:17 PM

    I make my eyes stand out by applying black gel liner in my lids. I can make it winged liner for more dramatic and cat eye look or just plain almond eyes look and by using blue contact lens it was such a great pair!


    I make my eyes standout every time i go out by putting on some black colored eyeliner and mascara, it make my eyes bigger and bolder. but i think this eyes will much get better if i win and wear a contact lenses from dull to doll. I always dream to wear one of these contact lenses since its produce in the market. Wish to try one someday.

    i make my eyes stand out by using black color contact lens and by wearing mascara to add volume to my eyelash,and add a little shimmer on the inner corner of my eyes :D

  13. Shiela Marie CalzadaOctober 1, 2012 at 5:18 PM
    I make eyes stand out by using a mascara that provide volume to my lashes and I also line it with an eyeliner. and/or I put a right colored eye make-up in it :)))

  14. Angela Pauline CalimagOctober 1, 2012 at 5:18 PM
    I make my eyes stand out by using natural colored contact lenses and white shimmer pencil in pearl white on my water line then tightling my eyes using EB eyeliner pencil in brown then i lengthen my eyelashes using maybelline long stilletto mascara. :)

  15. i did already! ehehe...

    i hope you dont mind ate.. i will post the link of my giveaway here. hehe

  16. I make my eyes stand out by putting liquid eyeliner and a shimmery white eyeshadow on my tear-ducks.

  17. Dear, you joined ba? I need your email address if ever. ;)

  18. I make my eyes stand out by using contact lens then applying liquid eyeliner or false eyelashes :)



    - i make my eyes stand out , by applying concealer so that this will be lighter special the down part of the eyes .. and by putting gel eyeliner and a thick mascara :)

  20. i use colored lenses and eyeliners to make my eyes stand out everytime i go out! :d

  21. ate it looks great on you! i used to wear contact lens when i was in high school.. i would love to own a pair! great review! :)


  22. Lovelies, please take time to read the terms and conditions. =)

  23. I will be very strict with this giveaway. Most of you are not tagging friends with your tweet and with facebook share photo entry. Please follow rules.

    everytime i go out i see to it to wear my contact lens to enhance my eyes.

    To make my eyes stand out, with the help of the mascara & eyeliner. :) I would like to try wearing contact lenses just like you did and thank you for posting your thoughts about it & hosting this giveaway. ^_^

    I don't really do anything tbh. lol

  27. antonette magistradoOctober 1, 2012 at 5:19 PM
    I make my eyes stand out everytime I go out i put liquid eye liner and a mascara.

  28. I make my eyes stand out everytime I go out with a white liner on my waterline.


    I just use eyeshadow :)

    I place colored eyeshadow and eyeliner to make my eyes stand out

  31. I use eyeliner and wing it a bit for that sexy more awake look..

    I use brown eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara to stand out my eyes. I don't have a contact lens and I want to try wearing it. :)

  33. monica kris franciscoOctober 1, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    i always used eyeliner. and mascara to stand out my eyes once palang akong gumagamit ng contact lens kaya i want to try again so thats why i join this give away! hope to win


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