What Came In The Mail

It's nice to be back from a very short vacation especially when you have some good news to welcome you. I have been away for 2 days because we went to Tagaytay to unwind which I mentioned here. When I entered our house, I saw some packages and I immediately opened them. I realized that they were sent by some very generous sponsors. Thank you Lord for generous people. :)

So here are the gorgeous items!

First are the items from SHY SHOP. These came before I left for Tagaytay but I will include them anyways. I will always be thankful for having Shy Shop as my first ever sponsor.

A green wallet and a connector ring.
I am happy that the wallet is green. It's my favorite color.

Next are the items from DULL TO DOLL. They sent me two pairs of contact lenses. One for review and the other for.................tadaaaa, GIVEAWAY! Thank you Ms. Val for your generosity.

I love the personalized note.

Cute packaging.

This is how it looks inside.

Last but definitely not the least are these stuff from FLAWLESS BEAUTY ONLINE. Ms. Lei sent me a pack of scrap soaps for review and a Gluta Body Set in trial size for GIVEAWAY! Hooray!

I love the presentation. Professional looking yet very girly in a way.

My first gluta soap with strawberry in it. Smells wonderful!

Who wants to have flawlessly fair skin? Wait for our GIVEAWAY!

Thanks Ms. Lei! Cheers! :)

I am very excited to do reviews and most especially, the GIVEAWAYS! I will be posting them one by one, soon. Currently, I am road testing the lenses and the soaps. I must say, I am happy with my first impression of these items.

To Shy Shop, Dull to Doll and Flawless Beauty Online, thank you so much for trusting my blog with your generosity. May God bless your business continuously. :)

Lovely readers, please continue to support my blog as I give you more good news in the coming days. I feel so blessed I wanna share it with you. It's really good to have a month long celebration of my birthday!

God bless! ^_^




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