Doing Makeup for Family

Hello everyone! Before I go to bed, I wanna share with you some photos of my mom and my sister after I did their makeup. I am not a MUA but I am glad they allowed me to apply what I learn from watching youtube videos.
My mom has a fair and blemish-free skin to begin with so it wasn't really hard for me applying foundation on. Whenever I do mom's makeup, I see to it that eyes were kept simple and neutral because she loves using NYX Addis Ababa as her lip color. You can see in the photos below that I did a slightly smokey eyes which was perfect for the night event she went for. The star is still the lip color.

The lovely guest at a wedding.

This is not the first time I have done mom's makeup. I was just not able to take photos before.

I have done my sister's makeup twice; one for the singing contest and the other for their school's acquaintance party. Her face is easy to work with. She has nice set of brows that only need plucking/shaving. I didn't really curl her lashes because she doesn't like that. I guess if they were curled up, her eyes will stand out.

After the singing contest.


Before and after shot prior to acquaintance party.

So those were the photos. Again, I am no pro. I just love what I am doing and I love to share them with you. =)

God bless! ^_^





  1. Your mom is so pretty! Her lip color suits her!

  2. great job mich! your mom look so pretty and young!! and your sister is super cute! ^_~


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