FInally, An Encara BB Cream For Me

I have tried lots of BB creams before but this is actually the first time I got soooo excited receiving one. The ones I have used before have gray undertone to it that makes my face look so pale and ashy. This time, it’s different. I have watched 2 reviews (by Noe and Emafe) and read 2 reviews (by Aila and Jannie) of this baby and all of them gave a positive feedback.  Then I told myself, “I want one!”I wanted to purchase one since it’s on 50% sale but it is way out of my budget so I joined giveaways. Just to win this, I joined 4 giveaways. I know, I know. When I want something, I go all out to get it. FINALLY, I won!

Makeup and My World celebrated her birthday with a big giveaway. She gave away 10 tubes of Encara BB cream and I was one of the winners. Take a look at some of my photos of the items that I got.

Classy packaging, right?

Sealed, enough said.

The main reason why I want this, YELLOW UNDERTONE baby!

Sample of a matte loose setting powder Aila added to our prize. This reminds me of my Palgantong powder.

I love this note!

I swatched this yesterday and used it to conceal my dark under eyes and I was amazed! I will do an in depth review on this in the future.

Thanks Aila Apolo of Makeup and My World and Makeup by Aila Apolo. You witnessed me chasing this baby and now, I finally have one for myself. I can’t thank you enough. Ladies, if you want to order an Encara BB cream, please click here.



  1. gusto ko rin itry this one but not sure how the outcome if it'll oxides or not. Hope you could share an fotd using this bb cream ^_~


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