How I Do My Eyebrows

After a long week of battling with the bad weather, here I am again blogging. Gosh, I missed this! It’s really hard when you want to do your routine but something’s stopping you; no internet connection, flooding, etc.Anyways, I am so back. This time, I will be talking about my brows. I don’t have the best set of eyebrows. If there is one set of brows that I find perfect, it would me Noe’s (Colorismyweapon). Her brows are to die for, mind you. I have been trying to follow her steps but I always end up not liking the outcome.

I was once asked by an Instagram follower on how I groom my brows hence this post. Basically, I just follow the turorial by MichellePhan and added some personal inputs to it.

Here are the products/tools that I normally use to do my brows.

Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeliner in white
Holika Holika Hyper-Waterproof Browcara in dark brown
Maybelline Browdifinist

So here's how I actually do it:
1. When my brows begin to look like a bushy mess, I use a white eyeliner pencil then trace the shape I want then pluck the stray hairs.
2. After plucking, I wipe off the white eyeliner then I proceed to defining my brows. I line top and bottom parts of my brows using a brown pencil. I do this to define the shape even more.
3. I use my spoolie to spread the product inwards. Then I use my Holika Holika browcara to set the hairs in place as well as to fill in sparse areas. I would normally use my Browdefinist from Maybelline in replacement for my browcara. It actually depends on my mood. I don’t use them together because that will make my brows look too dark.

Here are some snapshots of the procedure. Yes, it’s not the best guide or illustration but I am sure you are all wise enough to get the point, right? Besides, I am just sharing my own way of doing my brows. This may or may not be a big help to other people so I would suggest that you keep on practicing. Just like me haha!

If it accidentally looked darker, get your cream concealer or foundation, swipe some on the back of your hand, spoolie it out then spoolie your brows with the product. It will lighten the color a bit. I learned this trick from Shen (Shensaddiction).

So that's basically it. That's how I do my brows. I would want to improve on this in the future. I can go out without my other makeups but I cannot go out with bare brows. I just can't so I need to practice a bit more. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions. Feel free to comment below.

God bless! ^_^




  1. Noe taught me how to do my brows too (thanks for her youtube channel). you are right her brows are definitely to die for.


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