We all have our favorites, be it food, clothes, bags, shoes, etc. I have quite a few favorite beauty products too. When a beauty product matches my skin perfectly, I tend to stick to it for some time. So I think it's just right that I share them to you on a monthly basis. I hope to be able to share some for you to at least base anything before purchasing or switching to another brand.

Hooray to my first FAVORITES' post! I love this photo so much! Haha! =P

Aside from my new skin care routine, I only have few pieces to share with you. I swear, I use this really often last month.

1. Krave Minerale's Organic Liquid Foundation in Ricotta
I have this in Cassata which is a darker shade. I thought that one will suit me best but to my surprise, this shade, which is the lightest, is working really well on me. I just love it. I even asked my mom to try it out. The best liquid foundation I have tried so far. I would also like to give credits to my skin care routine because it made my skin clearer and brighter hence the easy application of this baby. This has a sheer to medium coverage, BTW.

2. 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder (Palgantong)

I use this to set my foundation in. This is a translucent powder that gives a hint of glow on my fave. It mattifies the face without ruining the coverage given by the foundie.

I always take this with me because I am now using this as my touch up powder. It's so handy and really helps control my oiliness. Perfect for a girl on the go.


4. Krave Minerale's Blush Crush in Peach Sorbet
Ever since I started using this, my other blushes have been neglected. I love how this makes my cheeks look healthy without looking overly done. It looks so natural, I swear. The shimmers in it makes my skin glow. Seriously, you should try this. Yes, it's kind of messy to bring around but it really delivers so I don't really the mind.

I just love this! Perfect for my brows.

6. NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose
Normally, I would pick a very nude lip color or a lip staijn on a daily basis. But last July, I use more of this. It's a very neutral pink color on the lips.

On lazy days where I don't like to put eye makeup, I make sure I go out with a flawless face. These brushes are definitely worth having.

8. Heated Eyelash Curler
I have never seen my natural lashes to really be curled by an ordinary lash curler I have short and thin lashes so I need a good product for them to be more obvious. This is a must have for me.

9. Victoria's Secret PINK All-over Body Mist in Fresh and Clean
I really feel fresh and clean everytime I use this. Has a mild scent for a very sensitive nose like mine.


How do you like my favorites? They are worth having, I am telling you.

What are your July favorites? Share them below. I would love to read your posts.


God bless! ^_^




  1. I am intrigued by your heated eyelash curler because i have thin and short lashes too! Hope you make a review on that one :D

    Btw, I've seen your shops! Your page is soooo nice!


  2. Thanks! Now that I've read the entry, even if isn't translucent, I still want to give it a try.

    And thank you so much for following! I've been a fan of your blog for a while now and it's pretty much an honor. :) xo

  3. another blogger with a 4u2 dreamgirl lovelight bb powder in her favorites list! i'm super tempted to try that product!

    i also haven't tried any krave product! will see more reviews! i always see their stall during bazaars!


  4. Is the 4U2 dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder translucent? I'm on the lookout for a good translucent touch-up powder since I only really like 'colored' powders to off-set any foundation/bb cream that's too light for me :)

    And please do a review on the Krave Minerale organic liquid foundation one day if you can! I'd love to see how it looks on you and goes on skin.



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