Nails of the Day: Longing for Summer

Are you getting fed up with the everyday rain? I am. I just think that it lessens the productivity of everyone. Well, that's just my opinion.

I tried to counter the weather and did this simple nail art. I named it Longing for Summer because I miss the sun. I don't like being exposed to the sunlight but times like this, I just miss the sun.

Anyways, I wanna share with you my nails of the day. I learned this technique by watching this video.

I used Orly nail polishes which I bought from Zalora Philippines. See here for my haul. I also used a cosmetic' sponge, Q-tip and acetone.

Of course, always start by applying a base coat. It has lesser bad chemicals that can damage or give discoloration to your nails.

Apply the polishes in layers on to the cosmetic sponge. Be sure that you check the size of you nail so that you'll know up to where on the sponge you should put your nail polish.

Dab it on your nails. It should be done with a light hand to avoid the sponge getting stuck on your nail as the nail polishes dry. Continue dabbing until you get your desired intensity of the color. You may also reapply you nail polishes on to the sponge.

Once you're done with all your nails, top it with a good top coat to give shine and protect the nail polish. It will also soften the color making the gradient look better.

Lastly, do not throw the used sponge. Cut out the part you've used then you can use the sponge again. Just don't use it on your face.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. This is actually my first time to go detailed (at least) with my nail posts. You can also share yours. Just comment down.

God bless! ^_^




  1. cute and pretty!! Nice designs!! loves ^_~

  2. Love it! Ganyan lang pala kasimple yung gradient effect will try it... The sponge you used is it same as foundation sponges na nabibili?


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