Day 1/30 Makeup Challenge: When did you start putting on makeup?

Well, when I was a kid, I would use my mom's lipstick without her permission. Haha, I can still remember how my lips looked after doing that. I looked horrible. I looked like a clown.

I only learned again about makeup when I was in college. I only wear minimal makeup then. Just the basics: pressed powder, blush, lip gloss and one shade of eye shadow. Back then, I thought it was already enough.

Me when I was still in college. 

As I reach my mid 20s of age, I was able to watch a lot of videos about applying makeup. I adored their looks. I told myself I want to be able to enhance my beauty too. So I did. Slowly, I tried learning more about makeup. Even up to now, I am still learning. It's a never ending process, I guess. I am just so thankful to the makeup gurus found in Youtube because through them, I was able to increase my knowledge with beauty products and I gained confidence again. 

Now, I make sure I check how I look before I go out. I always want to look presentable. In that way, I gain more confidence. 

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