Day 3/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite Brand?

Another day ladies and that means, another blog post for the Makeup Challenge. Yes, I am trying my very best to be on time with my posts for this challenge.

This time, I will be sharing with you my favorite brands. Since the question is so broad and my collection is still small for me to really have a specific favorite brand, I will just tell you my favorite among my collection.

Sigma – I love my F82 brush. It’s my go to brush for my foundation routine. Ever since I had it, I stopped reaching for other foundation brushes.

Beauty Cosmetics - I bought from them my 2nd set of brushes and I love it especially the contour brush and blending brush. 

Urban Decay – I love the primer potion and the Naked palette. Enough said.

NYX – The soft matte lip creams are just super fab! 

Krave Minerale – I am so loving the skin care line as well as the liquid foundation, blush and the ever so famous oil eliminator and skin hydrator. 

Do you these brands as well? What specific item from them do you think is really worth having? Share them below. :)

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  1. Thanks Milna! I'll follow your blog as well. :)

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  3. i want to try beauty cosmetics brushes and krave minerale!! <3

  4. mine is charm brushes. gustong2 ko na bumili nun. haha :)) btw, pano ba mgka affiliate sa zalora?

  5. i enjoyed reading your blog since i'm obsessed with brush and makups also....and i followed too Ü i hope you could drop by my blog also...thanksÜ

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  6. Thanks! I followed your blog as well. :)


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