HAUL: Alpha Arbutin Body Combo + Strawberry Gluta Soaps

I am one of those who like trying out whitening products and see if they work. The last one I tried is the Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar from Flawless Beauty Online. I fell in love with its scent and I was complimented of having a glowy skin [read my review here]. It took me quite some time before repurchasing because I had to buy some much prioritized stuff which I included in my past collective haul [see it here]. 

So on to my purchases. I got myself a set of Alpha Arbutin Body Combo. I have read a number of good reviews about this so I’m giving it a try. Upon receiving these, I immediately tried the soap and lotion. Oh, the smell is so darn great! It has a sweet honey like smell to it and I am so digging it. I will save all the blabbering on my review to be posted soon. You better watch out for that because I am excited to share with you my experience with these items. 

And here are the Gluta Strawberry Milk Bars I got. I am also excited to be reunited with the scent of these bars. 

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Disclaimer: All products are bought by my own money. I was not paid to do this post. All are honest opinions.