REVIEW: Mascara Guide

Remember when I told you that I will be doing reviews about products for the eyelashes? Here’s the 2ndinstallment for that. This time, it’ll be about this cute little mascara guide that I bought from Shy Shop.

Sorry, it's a bit dirty. :P


Here's a photo after doing one eye. Just the upper lashes though.


  • Helps to coat all the eyelashes.

  • It has lash separator that helps when clumps occur.

  • It really helps in applying mascara preventing accidental messiness.

  • Very cheap. I got this for Php 30 only.

  • Easy to use.

  • Very handy.


  • Lengthens the time needed to apply mascara.

  • Users will need to practice in order to perfect it.

  • I think it’s not available in local department stores.


Packaging/Apperance = 5/5

Effectiveness = 5/5

Availability = 3/5

Affordability = 5/5
OVERALL = 4.5/5

Although the product really works, I don’t think it’s a necessity. I still find it easier to just apply my mascara directly without the help of this. This is, for me, time consuming.

Where to purchase?
Shy Shop

Php 30

Will I repurchase?
No. It’s a nice product but I don’t need it. :)

Are you an expert in applying mascara or do you need on like this to help you? Comment down. It is highly appreciated.

God bless! ^_^



Disclaimer: Item bought by my own money. I was not influenced to make this review. Reviews are of my honest opinion.


  1. Yun nga. It lengthens the time just for the mascara. Pero sa mga careless mag lagay ng mascara, pwede na rin to. :)

  2. me too! I've seen a lot of these lately but I'm kinda hesitant to purchase it since it will make makeup application much longer >.< thanks for the review though!! ^^

  3. i've seen a lot of these online. i might buy one soon. thanks for the review! :)

  4. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaOctober 1, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    Nice review! :) I've been looking for this one :) I bet I should try :)
    Btw, I'm a new follower! You're awesome, keep it up! :) Hoping you'll check and follow my blog too :)


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