September Lovin: Fall 2012 Makeup Look

Hi everyone! We are now on our last installment of my collaboration with two beautiful bloggers. Please click the appropriate links to see our previous posts.
Disney Inspired Look
500 Peso Makeup Challenge

I am not an expert when it comes to finding the best look for a specific season. Maybe it's because I am still new in the makeup industry, if I may consider myself 'in' already. But I did my research and I found some interesting trends for the fall 2012 season. I must say, most of the looks really amazed me. Although I liked them, not all will look good on me. I just combined those that I think I can pull off.

If you were to analyze my look, it focuses on 3 things: fresh looking skin, thick brows and plumy bold lips. I kept my face matte for a cleaner effect. I also added a hint of pink on the side of my cheeks. It was placed on the side and not on the apples so that there's an illusion of thinner looking face since I did not use any bronzer. I also lined my waterline with a white eyeliner to make my eye look more awake. Coats of mascara were applied also. To achieve a bold lips without making my lips look overly pouted, I combined two colors. 
With artificial lighting.
See my big forehead? Haha!
Matte eyelids. 
With natural lighting. 
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural
Krave Minerale Correct and Conceal
3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder
Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Brown
Holika Holika Browcara in Brown
Etude House Henna Fix Mascara Super Fix Volume in Black Beauty UK Matte Blusher in Candy Pink
Avon's Shine Attract Lipstick in Orchid
 Miners Moisture Effect in Moulin Rouge

I hope you like this look that I came up with. It's simple and for me, it's classy. I felt confident even with the thick brows and bold lips. Hindi naman mukhang maga ang nguso ko no? =P

Since this is the last part of my collaboration with Michelle and Iya, I want to take this chance to thank them for doing this with me. I really enjoyed doing all the weekly challenges. If the readers only know what we have to go through just to be able to finish every post, haha. Thanks also for being the nicest online buddies. We talk almost everyday and I really enjoyed every conversation we had be it about personal matters or about the collaboration. I learned a lot from you girls. You inspired me, in a way, to push myself a bit more and continue blogging. I love you girls and I cannot wait for us to plan our next collaboration. Haha! God bless you both. =)

To the readers who supported our weekly posts, your efforts in reading and posting comments are greatly appreciated. You have made this collaboration even more special. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

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  1. Wala pa e. It comes in 2 shades pero once applied, translucent naman yung finish nya. I got it online e. Kas the seller is not selling stuff na. You can try facebook or ebay. Baka si Han Ryu meron.

  2. Do you have a review on this? is this translucent? where'd you get it and how much? :) 3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder

  3. Aww thanks Aya! I had a hard time finding the perfect bold lip color for me.

  4. Simply beautiful.

    I saw you in beauty bloggers :)

  5. welcome :)) gnda tlga promise :) bagay yung color sayo :)

  6. Pretty! I like you lip color :D

  7. ang nice naman ng collaboration niyo :))

  8. i love the eyebrow <3 :>

  9. Thanks Julie! Finally, I can wear lip colors like this. :)

  10. True! Nakakatawa na minsan nakakaiyak na kasi minsan parang dumadating sa point na di na natin matatapos. :)

  11. ooh I love the fierce color on the lips!

  12. Aww touching! thanks for the message Mic! I'm really happy to be your friend. Kayo ni Chel! Mahirap makahanap ng true person sa cyberworld! But we did! Hehe. Btw, i love the quality of your pictures! Especially the one with the natural lighting. Good job!

  13. huhuhuhu.. nakakaiyak! hahahaha but seriously, sobra yun pinagdaanan natin every week noh. nakakatawa! hehe. :) thank you din ateeeee!!! MWAH!


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