Day 17/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite Makeup Artist

I don't really have a favorite or a personal makeup artist. But I have seen some works of some people and I must say, I liked the works of these two ladies.

Ana Patricia Victorino - I love all her works. She's still young but oh so talented when it comes to applying makeup. I just wish she films more tutorials. Visit her page here to see her works.

Aila Apolo - There's no doubt, I love this girl's skills in applying makeup. The first time I saw the makeovers she did, I was really impressed. See her page here

You should check them out. These ladies are AMAZING! Check out my other posts about the 30 Day Makeup Challenge. Click here.

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God bless! ^_^


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  1. i've been following her too. shes a great mua

  2. ohhh I love both of them! :) They are really talented! :) <3

  3. True! If only I can be as good as them haha!

  4.!!! You're super sweet sis! Thank you sooooo much! <3
    This means so soooo much to me! =) Hope I inspire you more as I share with you all my passion for makeup. hehe! Thanks again!

  5. I should be the one thanking you sis. People like you make me want to strive more. :)


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