Day 25-26/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite Eyeliner and Do I Wear Makeup Everyday?

Hello! Happy Halloween everyone!

Today, I will be merging day 25 and 26 of my makeup challenge. I missed out on these days ago so I think I have to finish this ASAP and be able to do reviews and FOTDs again.

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First, I haven't found the perfect eyeliner for me so I don't have a favorite yet. But I love using the ELF Studio Eye Primer and Line Sealer. I just mix the sealer with any of my eyeshadow and viola, instant smudge-proof eyeliner. 

Next, I don't wear makeup everyday. Normally, I am at home helping my mom with our business so obviously, I don't need to wear makeup. Though there are times that I still apply makeup even if it's not needed, I find that very rare. 


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