Day 7/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite eye shadow color?

I am back. I planned on leaving blogging for a while but I just can't. I fell in love with it already. Whatever I am going through right now, I gotta face it head on. I may have lost one of my inspirations for blogging but I can still be my own inspiration, right? I enjoy this so hell yeah I'm gonna continue this. =D

Moving on to the question, my favorite eye shadow color would have to be brown. I like the fact that I can combine it with any colors, neutral or loud. My most favorite out of all the brown eye shadows I have is the one from Urban Decay Naked Palette which is Buck. See my first impression review here

You can never go wrong with neutrals especially browns. You can use it to create a subtle daytime look and you can also use it to intensify a look for a night out with friends of with your lovey. :)

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  1. I'm glad you're back micmic!! <3 kung ano man yan, kayang kaya mo yan :*

  2. You're sooo lucky to have the Naked Palette! I have yet to get my hands on that palette! You rock girl! Stay pretty!

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  3. *subbed to your blog btw. ^_^

  4. Thanks Iya! Its an awesome investment haha. I will def. check out that giveaway. :)

  5. Thanks. I am a follower of your blog too. :)

  6. I wish to have the naked palette this year, which do you think is better 1 or 2? anyway,curious about the thing you lost as an inspiration for blogging. whatever it is just keep going :)

  7. I don't own Naked 2 e that's why I can't decide which is better but I am happy with my Naked palette. :)

    Well, I will. Yay for blogging! :)


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