Day 9/30 Makeup Challenge: Picture of your makeup collection

Compared to other beauty bloggers, I don't have much in my stash. But for me, these are too much already so I need to control myself especially on impulse buys. Haha!

Foundations, BB creams, powder, blushes, bronzers
Eye lashes, eyelid primers, eyebrow products, mascaras and liners
Lip balms, lipsticks, lip creams, lip gloss
Assorted palettes and single eye shadows.
Assorted products I forgot to include in the photos above.

I am one happy girl because of these babies. :)

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  1. Love your lip and eye products! I feel the same way sis. I know that my makeup stash is little compared to other beauty bloggers but its already too much for a normal lady. Kaya hinay hinay muna! Great collection!

  2. Love the eye products :)


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