FOTD: I won't be bullied

This is actually a late post. I created this look last Wednesday and I was about to post it on the same day but things happened resulting to my short hiatus from my blog.

Anyways, the Cybercrime Prevention Act is the talk of the town now. If you’re living here in the Philippines or if you’ve heard news about our country, you will most likely agree that it is the hottest issue now. What's the connection of this to my look? Well, I just want to show you how dismayed I am. I will not go into details anymore. I just want to show off my photos, haha!

No blush. Matte bronzer all the way. 
Used white, black and silver eye shadows. I also darkened my eyebrows.
I used my kohl liner to achieve black lips. I learned the trick via Iya's look.

So that's it! This isn't a Halloween post. This is just my way of expressing some thing's I can't express with words. I would love to hear your comments and constructive criticism. Comment down, aryt?



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  2. Love the eye shadow sis! <3

  3. I love this look! Stay pretty!
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  4. i hope the LIBEL thingy will be solve before the year ends..
    yay still cute while angry haha ;p
    can you go out in this look ? haha :p

  5. Me too @twitter-150170558:disqus
    Aw thanks! :) I cannot! Haha!

  6. There's definitely a lot of character in this look and a lot of anger in the facial expression. I love how there's a hint of blue in the dark colors that you used.

  7. Thanks Pang! The silver I placed over the matte black eyeshadow turned out to be bluish and I think it made the look better. :)


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