Day 29/30 Makeup Challenge: Do you like wearing liquid eyeliner? If so, what is your favorite?

As I have said in my Day 25 challenge, I haven't found the best eyeliner for me, be it liquid or gel. What I normally do is use a mixing medium, like the one from ELF Studio Eye Primer and Liner Sealer, and mix it with my eyeshadow. It works really well on me.

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  1. I looove Etude House's Oh M' Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner, I've used it in my tutorials and I swear, the brush tip is so fine that it creates the most precise line!



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  2. I'm currently using Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner and I love it. It's an intense black and has a precise yet soft point. I don't like liners that have a stiff applicator because I don't have perfectly smooth lids, so I end up having to stretch my lid taut to apply it properly. I love doing cat eye flicks/wings, so I always need the tip to be precise or thin also.

    What liner I use depends on my 'look'. Most of the time, as an everyday look, I just apply a neutral eyeshadow all over my lid (no smokey effect or anything) and go with a thick cat eye look with the liner. Then I line my waterline with black also. If for example I'm using more bold colors (pinks, greens, etc.) for my eyeshadow, I either go for black (except make the line thin this time) or a similar color to the shadow/s I'm wearing.

  3. I haven't tried any Majolica Majorca item. I will try to check that out. Thanks, Barbra! :)

  4. I will try to check that out. Thanks, Iya!


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