Day 30/30 Makeup Challenge: Picture of yourself with and without makeup

FINALLY, I am on my last day for the makeup challenge. I know I cheated by not posting about the challenge on a daily basis but, at least, I was able to finish it. 


For today, I need to show you 2 photos: with and without makeup. I decided to use 2 of my most favorite photos.


I really like this photo because I think I look so fresh in here. You can still see my imperfections like my ugly under eyes but I don't care. I still love this photo.


Oh my, look how ugly I look in this photo. Bare face, big forehead, fake smile, ugly set of teeth and dark under eyes. But it's one of my favorite photos. Why? Because here, you can clearly see the real me. I mean, no makeup, just my bare face. This is me without all the makeup I normally use.

Thank you for reading all my posts about the makeup challenge. I truly appreciate it. ^^
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God bless! ^_^



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  1. This is nice! :) I'm having a hard time how to smile with my braces..

  2. Here

  3. Tama! :) By the way do you have the copy of this from the very start? I wanna do it :)

  4. Hence, the fake smile, diba? But I am actually getting the hang of it na.


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