FOOD CORNER: Turks Shawarma and Chatime

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Halloween! As for me, I got back yesterday from an overnight stay in Tagaytay. I was supposed to put this up while I was there but as usual, my laptop and the internet there acted up. 


Photo credit: Turks Shawarma

Last Sunday, boyfriend and I went window shopping for a new laptop. Then, we decided to have lunch. First choice was French Baker but since we don't like their soup for that day, we looked for something else to eat. We went to the Food Court of SM Marikina and we saw Turks Shawarma. I instantly told him that I want shawarma for lunch. 

My first order: Chicken Shawarma Rice Php 75

Boyfriend's first order: Beef Shawarma Rice Php 75

I ordered chicken because I thought it is more braces-friendly. I hate the feeling of having meat stuck in between my teeth or brackets. Little did I know that the beef will be cut into smaller pieces than the chicken. I guess that's more braces-friendly. Plus, the beef has more flavor than the chicken. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Chicken Shawarma Rice that I finished the whole serving. I am just merely making my own comparison. ^_^


Beef Shawarma (large) with Cheese Php 60 

We also ordered this heaven-sent Beef Shawarwa. It has almost the same flavor as their Beef Shawarma Rice except that this one is wrapped in a pita bread. The cheese added an extra "yumminess" to the flavor of the beef and the veggies. I LOVE CHEESE. Need I say more why I loved everything about this? 


One more thing, a spicy shawarma is always better than the ones that are not.

For our drinks, we just had mineral water. Why? Read more. :)

Photo credit: Chatime Philippines

After our awesome lunch at Turks Shawarma, we headed to Chatime to have some milk tea. We love milk tea. Who doesn't? I bet you love milk tea as well. 

Left: My Winter Melon Latte in large Php 100
Right: Boyfriend's Strawberry Milk Tea Php 90

Winter Melon Latte is love! This is the kind of drink that not all people would love but I like it. I tried boyfriend's Strawberry Milk Tea and it's not for me. Well, I don't like fruits to begin with and that's the major reason why I disliked it. I also find it too sweet or my liking. 



Before leaving, I took a photo of this gorgeous chair in Chatime. It look so cute, right? 

So that's it. I hope I can post a weekly dose of our food trippin'. I also hope you enjoy posts like this because I love sharing different stuff to you, lovelies. 

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God bless! ^_^




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