HAUL: Overnight in Tagaytay and Wedge Shopping in Robinsons Department Store

Hello! Here's another haul I'll be sharing with you. Pardon my too much haulin' the past days. Rest assured, I am trying to be a wise buyer as I can be to be able to find cheap but quality finds. 


My family and I went to Tagaytay for an overnight stay. I got some few stuff to bring home. First stop, Sonya's Garden. My mom bought some bread and plants that she can grow at home. I asked her to buy basil for me. Yay! I am smelling unlimited Pesto pasta already! LOL! Anyways, I bought some organic shower stuff but I can't provide the prices because I can't remember them. 


I have a sensitive scalp so whenever I see organic conditioners, I buy them because I am having a hard time finding one near my place.


The reason why I bought this.


Tea Tree extract is one of my favorite ingredients in an organic product. It has an anti-bacterial property and it really helps my skin preserving it's good condition. I got 3 of this bar soap.


I have a haul before that featured these liquid soap. Since then, this became a favorite. The Lavender scent is awesome. It is so relaxing that's why I got another bottle. See haul here.



We were about to get hot tea in Starbucks when we saw some "tiangge" selling cute clothes. My mom got me this cute sheer top. I really love the design and I am so digging sheer tops lately. 

Php 300

Manila again! This is my last purchase during the long weekend. My boyfriend and I did some window shopping in Robinsons Metro East department store. He saw this Zanea wedge and told me that it will look good on me. I tried the pair and he said I should buy it. So yeah, I got myself a pair of pink wedges. Originally, the price was Php 949 but it was on 10% off. I got the pair for Php 854.

Php 854

The details. 

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchases. It's not as "bongga" as my other hauls. I have been trying to avoid buying too much stuff, especially the expensive ones, because I am trying to be more of a wise shopper. I am an impulsive buyer and now, I hate it. I wanna change. Naks! 


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God bless! ^_^



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