MINI HAUL: Revlon and James Cooper

In case you didn't notice, I am slowing down on haul posts. As much as possible, I am avoiding buying too much stuff that I won't be needing or using in the future. Or let's just say that I am trying to save up for Christmas, haha. But recently, I gave in and bought some stuff. I decided to purchase these items because I really wanna try them out. I have heard and read some raves about these so I might as well try and see if they will work for me as well.


My mom and I saw these when we checked out the Revlon counter and the SA told us that this particular line is their newest for their nail polishes. According to her, it can last up to 11 days on the nail. I have yet to see if it's true or not. 


Of course, to really see if these work, I need to get the set. So one base coat, one colored nail polish in Spanish Moss and one top coat were purchased by mom for us. Each costs Php 325. I am so excited to try these babies and I will soon let you know my thoughts.


Another product I purchased is this James Cooper Jazzy Collections Eyebrow Gel in the shade Frosted Brown. It comes in 3 shades and I picked the one in the middle. If you have seen Iya's review, you will actually know why I got convinced in getting one for myself. Her review is really in depth and even made comparison with the one from MAC. I got this for Php 299 only. I find that really cheap compared to the price of a brow set from MAC.


This may seem like a very small haul compare to other posts but I am pretty sure that I got some items really worth trying. I hope you will wait for my reviews to be posted, soon. 

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God bless! ^_^




  1. I got the same brow gel as well (same shade) and I love it! It matches my hair color. Oh & I can't wait to read your review about the nail lacquers you bought! I really wanna know if the '11 days' thing is true, or at least half true! :)

  2. The brow gel is so enticing! I might check it out when I go to the mall. :D

    Love the nail colors you got. :D

  3. Yay! You finally have the brow gel! The nail polish must really live up to its claim, it's pricey! Will wait for your review. Thanks for mentioning me :)


  4. I wanna try also that brow gel :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  5. The brow gel has been making rounds ah! :) Cant wait to see it on you!


  6. I saw your haul din sis. You have a lot of new items. Kainggit. :)

  7. You should. It is cheap but really effective.

  8. Haha, don't be. I'm really an impulsive buyer (when it comes to makeup), lol.


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