NOTD: Orly Coffee Break

Hello! How's everyone doing? The past days were a bit tough on me because my bf and his mom got sick. I had to check on them from time to time to know if they're getting better or not. Thank God, they are now feeling way better. God is really good.

I was MIA for 2 days and I am so sorry for that. I decided not to post anything on my blog because I know it will be no good. My mind wasn't functioning well the past days. I got so worried. Anyways, they are now okay and so is my mind. Yay!


Most of the time, I like my nails to look fab and neat at the same time. There's no better way to do it but to apply a nude nail polish that will make your hands and fingers look clean and neat. My choice for today is Orly Coffee Break


Product description:
Want a more understated feel? This .6oz Coffee Break nail lacquer from Orly comes in a brownish hue that will go well with any daytime ensemble. 



True enough, it really goes well with any daytime ensemble. You don't need to worry if it matches your outfit or the event you're attending to. I absolutely love this nail polish color. 



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God bless! ^_^




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Disclaimer: Item bought by my own money. All opinions are my own. I wasn't paid to do this post.


  1. A much as I like ORLY, ang mahal. huhuhuh. :( but I love the color! malinis :)

  2. You can always find a dupe naman. Try Caronia's Touch of Tan. :)


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