REVIEW: Nichido Cosmetics Extra Waterproof, Protective Eyeliner Pencil in Dark Brown

Some of you may know that I am obsessed with defining my eyebrows. I don't really know why but eversince I started using makeup, I always see to it that I define my brows and that I update myself with the latest products for brows once in a while. I don't know much yet about brow products. I am still learning. 

While watching Anna's P500 Makeup Challenge video, I saw this pencil that she used for her eyebrows and I was blown away. I love the effect on her brows that's why I bought one for myself.

So this is my Nichido Cosmetics Extra Waterproof, Protective Eyeliner Pencil in Dark Brown. I actually forgot to look if it has other shades available. I will update this post once I ran out and bought a new one.


This is how much product it has inside. Quite enough for its price. 

This is the brush that is attached to it's cap. This is very useful as it spreads the product very well. 

Here are the swatches I took. I tried to apply it thinly at first then layered it on the second and third.

After swatching the product, I was asked by my mom to assist her in cleaning out garage so the back of my hand (where I swatched the product) got wet. I tried rubbing off the product after my hands got wet and it came off. I can still see a little of that product on my hand though.


Here, I tried to really remove it by rubbing really hard. 

Of course, I need to let you see how it transformed my not so groomed eyebrow. There's really a big difference, right?

Contact lenses from Dull to Doll


- Packaging wise, I love that it came with a brush that really functions well. It's great for distributing the product evenly.

- Retractable. I actually have a love and hate feel to retractable pencils but I still prefer it over those that need to be sharpen pa. 
- The product is really creamy making it easier for me to shape and fill in my brows. I like creamy pencils than the hard, chalky ones because I hate the feel of hurting my skin while drawing or filling in my brows.
- It stays put for more that 6 hours. I usually top this off with a loose translucent powder to make it last longer. Or, if available, I top it with a brow gel.
- The shade is just right on days I wanted my brows to be dark.
- It did not irritate my skin. 
- Locally available.
- Affordable. You really get what you paid for.

- Product name and description get easily scratched off.
- Ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates were not written.
- Prone to breakage since it's retractable. I just need to be careful.
- If applied too heavily, it may look awkward since it's really creamy.

I would suggest to set this with powder or brow gel. If used as eyeliner, top it with powder eyeshadow. 

Where to purchase?
Check out Nichido counters in department stores nationwide.

Php 60

Packaging/Apperance = 4/5
Effectiveness = 4/5
Availability = 5/5
Affordability = 5/5
OVERALL = 4.5/5


I love this product. This is the perfect brow pencil for me as of the moment. 

What is your favorite eye pencil? Share it below on the comment section. I'd love to interact with you. ^_^

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Disclaimer: Item bought by my own money and reviewed with an honest and unbiased viewpoint. I am not affiliated with the brand in any way.


  1. Interesting liner,
    I hope it works for me.

  2. I think this product's worth a try. Very inexpensive :)


  3. Hi @twitter-268747623:disqus! Yes, super affordable. :)

  4. nice review sis! hope to try this one out soon ;) thanks for sharing! :)



  5. Thanks sis! Will wait for your review. :)

  6. Not bad for php60! Although I do think I'll try to find a decent priced one that won't be too affected by wetness since I can get sweaty quite easily sometimes.

  7. I get sweaty din at times that's why I set it with powder or brow gel and it worked for me. :)

  8. Oh that's good to hear! Might give this a try then! :D

  9. i have this in black. ung saken napuputol magisa sa lagayan.d naman nalalaglag :( nasayang lang un aken. >.<

  10. wow, hindi ko to napansin sa nichido,... ang worry ko lng sa mga retractable madali maputol.. but all in all mukhang okay naman

  11. I experience the same problem before pero what I do now is I am more careful in using the product. No more breakage. I hate sharpening kasi. Haha!

  12. Aw sad to know na nasayang lang yung sayo. Di naman naputol yung sakin. Siguro mas soft lang yung consistency nung nabili mo.

  13. i will definitely try this out. thanks micmic!! <3

  14. Your brows are nice na even without this! You posted a before and after photo sa FB group and I didn't even realize na you used it on your brows. Kaya hinahanap ko siya sa lashline, Hahaha. I have a brown eyeliner from Nichido, the GNO one. It's creamy too and I used it for my brows din before I got a better brow pencil :)

  15. Aw thanks Aya! ^_^

    Anong brow pencil mo ngayon?

  16. You're welcome Ruby! Let me know if it worked for you ha?


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