Starbucks Planner 2013

As a yearly treat, Starbucks gives away gorgeous planners during Christmas season. I used to collect them years ago but I stopped last year. I don't really plan out kasi. I normally do things whenever I feel like doing them, no plans at all. But this time, I had this urge of getting one again. Why? First, I like the green planner. It is just so gorgeous, I had to get one. Second, I want to take blogging to the next level. I want to organize my thoughts or at least schedule the stuff that I need to do for my blog. Lastly, I love their holiday drinks. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. I get to enjoy the drinks and get a planner after collecting the stickers. 

Now, let me share with you, through photos, how a Starbucks 2013 planner looks like. Let the photos do the talking, aryt? 


Magnetic closure


Magnetic bookmark

Extra special parts of the planner

Last but definitely not the least, the coupons!

Overall, I am impressed with the new planner. Yes, the spaces for writing are smaller than the other planners I have had in the past but, hey, I got it for free. Why should I complain? Haha! Plus, as stated above, I don't plan that much. I will probably just write short notes to remind me of what to do for a certain day. 


Are you a planner type of person? I hope you can share some tips on how to plan effectively. That has been my problem for the longest time now.


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  1. Now, that's a nice planner! Ako I get planners then end up not using them. :(

  2. I've always wanted to use an SB planner but I end up using my Etude House planner instead (I have lots ever since the Lee Minho x Etude House collab before) kasi uber cute! XD The 2011 SB planner I got last Christmas is still untouched to date! XD

  3. me 5 stickers nalang makukuha ko na siya :)

  4. wow! you have na the green one! I also like that kaso kulang pa stickers ko >.< i stopped drinking coffee kasi..pero para sa planner go! LOL! thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Haha ako rin. Hopefully, hindi na ganun ngayon. :)

  6. thanks for sharing! will definitely go for the green one! :)

    check out my blog

  7. Haha, hindi no! Not that Lee Minho is on the cover but because of the content, super girly!! ^^ Kasi yung SHINee naman ang gamit ko ngaun hahaha^^

  8. Yey for a green planner! :)

    Followed your blog.

  9. Haha I see. Ako naman, may planner pero di talaga ginagamit.

  10. I've been getting myself SB planners for years, parang ngayon lang ako tinamad, lol. But the green one looks really nice (and modern). I have my BDJ already and I find that one really useful. I'm sill thinking whether to get that one or not. I don't plan either, but their planners are so damn gorgeous, I just treat them like a daily journal.. :)


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