HAIR UPDATE: Medium Auburn + Light Golden Brown

Let me start by saying that this is long overdue. I had my hair color weeks ago. And also, I just used a mobile phone for these photos. Sorry for that.

For the past months, I have been contemplating if I should or should not get a digital perm. Then, I realized I still can't go on with it. I am still not 100% sure about it so I decided to have my hair color retouched instead.For a reference of my previous hair color, click here.

I did not want a whole new look for my hair so I just added very minimal changes. Instead of using medium auburn alone, I mixed it with light golden brown without any idea on how it's going to look like.

Before (faded and dull) and After (even and shinier)

I guess it didn't do much with my hair color. It just toned down its redness and gave life a bit. Below are some more pictures of my newly colored hair.

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God bless! ^_^


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  1. So nice i love it! ;)

  2. Super kapal and haba ng hair ko I think I need 4 boxes for coloring my hair hahaha! I love the Medium Auburn Color <333

  3. Thanks sis! I want to have my hair colored again. Haha!


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